May 29, 2010

The circle of life!

It has been a most exciting time here this week. The circle of life has continued for us as we welcomed with great joy (and a few happy tears) the much-anticipated arrival of the newest member of our family - a beautiful and precious daughter for JT and his Gorgeous Girl. This dark-haired Sweet Pea is already the apple of her parent's eyes. *g*

With a big thank you to The Provider who will be holding the fort while I'm away, I leave for New Zealand to see them all this week (as if I could have stayed away, lol). I can't wait! There is something about a newborn baby that always turns my heart to mush and when it's a close relative, it seems even more pronounced. Despite the fact that my own baby-making days are well and truly past me (and trust me, I am more than totally okay with that!) I can't help being hypnotised by the cast of their spell. Babies are such treasures in my eyes. I love their unique, delicate, newborn scent, the way their tiny fingers are wont to curl so tight around one of your own and their complete and utter trust they willingly give in your arms to hold, protect and nuture. It's truly a wondrous thing.

My mother, a very Groovy Grandma, is over the moon with her new granddaughter, as you can imagine. We've been gushing back and forth over the phone so much, it's been hilarious. *g* While I know she adores her grandsons Hewie, Dewie & Louie to death, the arrival of our dear Sweet Pea now means she is finally free to make that fairy princess quilt she's had her eye on for years! Up until now it's been all action figures, skate-boarding and sports, lol.

So welcome to the world, Sweet Pea. I cannot wait to meet you. :o)

May 24, 2010

Wait a minute!

Yes, I'm talking to you... WAIT!

We all have to do it several times every day, be it for the barista to make our morning coffee, for the traffic lights to turn green, for the young female teller at the bank to actually serve someone or, for the woman who lives in my neighbourhood trying to parallel park her massive European 4WD with a series of 18 point turns. *facepalm* Seriously. I'm dying to tell her to get out and let ME park it for her.

Some people are better at waiting than others. Are they just used to it? Is it a temperament thing? And are women better at waiting than men? Not sure about that one. I'm usually pretty easy-going with the whole waiting thing but this week has been filled to the brim with waiting, testing even my (normally) cool head.

Waiting for my internet to connect/speed up/just-bloody-go-goddammit!, waiting for the boys to do whatever-the-hell-it-is-that-I've-asked-them-to-do, waiting for that particular person to transfer that payment as promised... or waiting for our accountant to get back to us and break it (hopefully, very gently) to The Provider and I exactly how much we have to pay Kev and the Tax Office this year. *resigned sigh* .

This, naturally, will lead to the next thing - waiting for The Provider to start the inevitable stressing out over the news... WHATEVER it is. *rolls eyes* Give me strength. My half-hearted (and clearly unwise, lol) attempt to lighten the mood with a quip that 'it was only money and we should keep things in perspective... others are worse off than we are, you know' was NOT received very well. *coughs*

But, there is one good thing (thank God!) that will be definitely worth waiting for and that is the news that my newest niece/nephew has arrived into the world! *bounces* My brother, JT, and his Gorgeous Girl are going to be first-time parents ANY DAY now. This momentous occasion has been a loooong time in coming so as you can imagine, excitement levels are almost to the point of global warming. Booties and matinee jackets are being knitted... clothing in gender non-specific lemon, soft green and white are being amassed... toys and baby paraphenalia are being stock-piled.... whilst we're all desperately trying not to phone/email/text them with the sixty-four-thousand dollar question: 'Is the baby here yet?' LOL.

As it always does, time will tell. And so the wait continues. :o)

May 18, 2010

A funny thing happened yesterday..

Man, I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come.

I wrote just under 500 words yesterday. And it felt good. Like really good. Rereading it this morning, I'm still excited about what's there on the page. I worried that I might hate it but actually I don't - plot ideas are even popping into my head like crazy and that hasn't been the case for a quite some time. :o)

Another writing friend of mine spoke recently of plotting out her entire novel on Post-it notes that were stuck on the wall in front of her writing space. I fell in love with this idea (thankyou Tanya!) and think this may be the thing to help me get the bones of my story 'nailed down' before I start to flesh it out.

So. *deep breath* I've finally made a start and now it is recorded for posterity (and accountability!) here.

May 14, 2010

Nothing half baked about this...

I think I'm in love. Like seriously. Madly, deeply.

Okay, I may be slightly over-exaggerating (writer's perogative, okay?) but after 5 days I'm here to tell you I have a serious crush happening. There's an air of anticipation putting a spring in my step and a smile on my face. And at the end of every day I'm left with the joy of knowing that tomorrow it'll happen all over again if I want it to. *g*

My boys gave me a slow cooker last Sunday for Mother's Day. Believe or or not, this was a present I'd chosen for myself ... after seeing a good friend of mine create dinner for her family in 15 minutes flat, just before we sat down to a morning coffee! She'd get on with the rest of her day and by 6 pm it would have become a delicious dinner for 5. Voila!

I know slow cookers aren't a new idea. They've been around for years - in fact, I remember my mother having one of them when I was as a kid. (I think they were called crock pots back then.) But you see, I'd never experienced the joy of owning one. And oh, my God. What joy. I've gotta tell you there is a lot to be said about knowing while I'm ferrying kids to and from rugby training, dinner is taking care of itself! (Unlike the mountains of washing, damn it all to hell.)

So we've had some pretty awesome dinners this week. And I've got some brand new cookbooks to peruse and new recipes to try out. It's been really fun so far. But the highlight was notoriously selective-foodie Louie eating something he'd never had before, and totally loving it! *high fives*

Later, lovelies. :-)

May 12, 2010

First post

It's me, coming to you from my very own little blog! *dances* Welcome to What Sarah Did Next:. Have some cake!

I'm no stranger to writing things and posting them online but this is the first time I've actually had a 'blog', so to speak. So many people I know seem to have them and love journalling their thoughts and ideas there so I'm hoping my experience will be the same. I figure that if nothing else it will be a way to keep me accountable to myself regarding my writing and that, my friends, has gotta be a good thing. God knows I sometimes need a push in that department.

So. Here we all are then. *looks around her new neighbourhood and smiles*

Now I have no set ideas about what I might talk about, or if it'll actually be of any interest to anyone other than myself, lol, but I'm going to be brave and throw caution to the wind; life's too short and all that.

Already I'm loving it though because I discovered one of the main perks of having your own blog: if you want to make it all about yourself you can. (People may not want to read it, but that's okay!) You are the priority. You don't have to write what someone else wants; in here, it's all up to you. What a wonderful thought --finally, there is a place in my male-dominated life where it CAN be all about me. Hallelujah. *g*

Talk soon, darlings.
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