May 29, 2010

The circle of life!

It has been a most exciting time here this week. The circle of life has continued for us as we welcomed with great joy (and a few happy tears) the much-anticipated arrival of the newest member of our family - a beautiful and precious daughter for JT and his Gorgeous Girl. This dark-haired Sweet Pea is already the apple of her parent's eyes. *g*

With a big thank you to The Provider who will be holding the fort while I'm away, I leave for New Zealand to see them all this week (as if I could have stayed away, lol). I can't wait! There is something about a newborn baby that always turns my heart to mush and when it's a close relative, it seems even more pronounced. Despite the fact that my own baby-making days are well and truly past me (and trust me, I am more than totally okay with that!) I can't help being hypnotised by the cast of their spell. Babies are such treasures in my eyes. I love their unique, delicate, newborn scent, the way their tiny fingers are wont to curl so tight around one of your own and their complete and utter trust they willingly give in your arms to hold, protect and nuture. It's truly a wondrous thing.

My mother, a very Groovy Grandma, is over the moon with her new granddaughter, as you can imagine. We've been gushing back and forth over the phone so much, it's been hilarious. *g* While I know she adores her grandsons Hewie, Dewie & Louie to death, the arrival of our dear Sweet Pea now means she is finally free to make that fairy princess quilt she's had her eye on for years! Up until now it's been all action figures, skate-boarding and sports, lol.

So welcome to the world, Sweet Pea. I cannot wait to meet you. :o)


  1. Congratulations Auntie Sarah! And a girl. A FEMALE child! You can also enjoy the girlier side of things!
    Have a wonderful time and all the best to your bro and wife and the new addition.

  2. Hello darling! Yes, we are all a-flutter over the newest member of our clan - I think Mum thought she'd never get to make all that girly stuff, lol.

    I'm counting down the days until I see them all again; it's been so long since I was there. I plan on enjoying the break to the FULLEST. *g*

  3. Goodness lady. Such great news and it's so lovely to read that you'll be visiting the sweet one this week!!! Please let us know how everything is, and give a special little squish for me.

    LOVE that newborn smell and delicacy too. Travel safe, lovely.

  4. This has been the best news EVA, Rosie! And of course, the bonus of being able to duck over the ditch to see everyone has me grinning like a lunatic, as I'm sure you can imagine.

    I must confess though, I felt a *little* guilty for 'abandoning' my children for a week of Mum-Doesn't-Do-It-Like-That under the care of The Provider, lol. Will my house still be standing on my return? Hmmm. LOL.

    Will keep you posted on the deliciousness that is Sweet.


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