March 4, 2011

With this ring, I thee wed...

The Provider & I:  March 4th, 1995

On this day sixteen years ago, I said those very words to The Provider while holding his hand - and then giggled. It was the first of many that day - the laughter bubbling to the surface over my attempts to slide the band of gold smoothly over his not-so-tiny knuckle! These are the perils of marrying a man with 'tradesmen's hands'. It was a small but memorable moment from a special day that makes me smile every time I think about it.

But wow, sixteen years. Lookit us!!

The Provider and I are not huge givers of anniversary gifts to each other. It might be a little cliche, but we try to spend some alone time together over a glass of something special. However, I was curious to know what the suggested anniversary gift was for 16 years and decided to check it out.

According to Google, there are many variations on presents - the traditionalists nominate Topaz as the gift of choice; the modern set are all about silver hollowware. However, if neither of these are your cup of tea, don't fret! There is an alternate choice offered as well (isn't there always with these things? LOL) Apparently periodot or aquamarine gemstones are for those who like to think outside the square. You heard it here first.

There was one other choice, although personally, I think this is probably more for the man who only remembers on his way home from work and dashes into the corner shop or service station to grab something quick -- it was a nice bunch of flowers (hopefully with the price sticker taken off the wrapping).

Cheers. *g*


  1. Happy Anniversary Sweetie- doesn't really seem that long = although I do remember very clearly the small boy and an excellent Michael Jackson impersonation! Wonder if he does!Congratulations to you both

  2. Haha... yes, I remember the small person who was the mainstay of the dance floor - he thought he looked like the bees knees in that tuxedo!

    Just had a nice dinner at home with The Provider, along with a rather yummy glass of wine. All good. :)

  3. And you don't look a day older. I remember your wedding very well. 17 years for us this year. Don't know how we have made it this far - LOL!!

    Happy Anniversary to you both :)

  4. We always joke: "Hey... another year without calling in the lawyers!" We've had our moments from time to time, but I think everyone does, to be honest.

    I remember your wedding very well too - I swear it was the hottest weekend in Adelaide EVER! :)

  5. I'm late, but happy anniversary! So, was it Topaz, hollow silver or flowers with an air freshener and a can of Mother from the servo?

    Hope you had a lovely day, love the photo circa 1995, you look so beautiful and I might say that you haven't changed!
    1995 only seems like yesterday! The Cranberries came out with Zombie, knocking Silverchair's Pure Massacre off the number one spot. Yes, I'll always remember it for that but you have a better reason to remember 1995.

  6. Aww, thanks, hon! It was silver I think... does a tea bag squeezer count? LOL.

    Had a nice dinner and a glass of vino. All good.

    Appreciate the lovely words - I felt beautiful that day - my dress was all floaty, just like a princess!

    Oh, and great songs, both of them. *g*


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