November 11, 2011

Simple pleasures...

I love watermelon.

Nothing says 'summer' to me more than a refreshing mouthful of its rosy pink flesh, served straight from the fridge, sliced and ready to eat. Absolutely delish!

The boys and I enjoyed a huge melon feast after arriving home from school yesterday. The weather was hot, we were all sweaty after the trip home and a serving of ice-cold watermelon was the perfect antidote for a humid afternoon. And although the watermelon was devoured within 10 minutes of being set down on the table, it was still long enough to share a conversation about their day before they inevitably drifted off to seek other diversions (PS3, TV and/or playing with action figures).  

Boys will be boys, after all.

Which is why I love watermelon. For a multitude of reasons.

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