January 29, 2012

The post where I'm all about school starting...

With apologies to Eruption, I can't stand the rain.... against my window..... because it means another day inside with boys who are stir crazy and oh-so-ready to go back to school!

Plus it's been so humid these last few days too. A sticky, clammy, why-did-I-bother-having-a-shower kind of humidity. I hate it. My temperamental dry hair has made its own stand against the ever-present moisture by frizzing at every opportunity, killing off any thoughts I might have had about drying it straight. Consequently, the old ponytail is the only course of action but means I often get headaches near the end of the day... perhaps I have it in too tight? *sigh*

The main reason though, is the effect this weather has on the Blokes Wot Live Here. It's that niggly last week of the long Dec/Jan break and they're all a bit over it, I think. While we have had many a sleepover during these holidays, the boys are missing their friends, the routine and structure of the normal school day and generally are restless being at home. Since we don't have a tree with green bills hanging off it in our back yard (I wish!) they've had to settle for cheap and/or free types of activities to amuse themselves. Naturally 'annoying your brother' has firmed as the favourite form of entertainment, FFS.

However, we've had a couple of birthdays this week which helped bring a bit of excitement into the house - sons #1 & 2 celebrated turned 23 and 14 respectively. Son #1 is freaking out about feeling 'ancient' (much hilarity ensued between The Provider and I over that, lol) whereas Son #2 can't wait to race through the next few years when he'll be older. Heh. Remember those days?

We're back to normal daily life next week - and I will finally get my house back to myself. Serenity and calm will reign. And the place will stay clean for more than 5 minutes. *dances* As a good friend of mine always says to her kids at this time of the year: "I love you but get the hell out of my house."

Yeah. What she said.

January 26, 2012

*shriek*..... *shriek*..... *SHRIEK*!

Sharapova, captured mid-scream.

I love watching the tennis. Love, love, LOVE it. Especially when it's at the top professional level. In my opinion, tennis beats the cricket any day of the week (apologies to all you cricketing tragics, but Ponting, Clarke et al just don't cut it in my book). The best part of summer television consists of watching the action on the court at the Australian Open and is worth all the nights of sleep depravation to catch every last backhand winner ripped down the line. It's just magic.

But here's what I'm NOT enjoying so much: the incessant screeching (especially by the women) as a part of Every. Single. Shot. I mean, come on ladies. I know you're physically exerting everything you've got against your opponent and as a keen spectator I totally appreciate the efforts you're making but, FFS, I've gone through child-birth making less noise than that!

And I'm not the only one. I read in the paper that the WTA are looking at ways to reduce the on-court shrieking, and warn they could penalise players under existing 'exessive noise' rules. Apparently the noise level from some of the worst offenders is almost 100 dB! How much of a big stick the WTA have remains to be seen but I hope there is something they can do. At best, it's annoying and irritating but at its worst, it can be off-putting and detrimental to the effectiveness of the opposing player's return.

At any rate, we're now at the business end of the Open and we tennis fans are positively salivating over the prospect of semi-final matches to come: Clijsters vs Azarenka, Kvitova vs Sharapova, Nadal vs Federer and Murray vs Njokovic.

Bring it ON. *bounces.... quietly*

January 21, 2012

Just another morning...

: Wake up just after 6.30am. Bloody noisy bird in tree outside bedroom window chatting up a storm. Wish for the millionth time I had long range water pistol.

: Thoughts of water reach bladder. Bladder immediately sends message to brain: "Well, seeing as you're up..."

: Visit bathroom. Make mental note to empty overflowing bin that Provider never seems to notice.

: Go downstairs to let Spencer out. His bladder doesn't ask, it just GOES.

: Put kettle on, make coffee and sit outside with bouncy, hyperactive and now-toileted dog. Spence overjoyed at having company. Licks hand/leg/face enthusiastically.

: Wonder if mysterious guitar playing neighbour is up. Some early morning music would be nice. Unfortunately that's not likely though, he/she's probably still asleep. Lucky schmuck.

: Wander inside and see detritus of someone's late night snack on my previously-cleaned-up kitchen bench. Is it really so hard to put things away in fridge/bin/dishwasher? Honestly?

: Give leftover sausage to drooling dog, received with much gusto. Cue more licking of extremeties. Gah! SPENCE! Stop that!

: Spend 5 minutes looking outside for morning paper. Eventually find it in front hedge. Along with one other edition that I once rang to say hadn't been delivered. Oops.

: Reheat now-cold coffee and steal a quick read of paper before the first of Blokes Wot Live Here stumble downstairs looking for breakfast. 

: Look at clock. It's 7:19am. This time next week I will have showered, dressed and made two school lunches already. I feel tired just thinking about that.

Okay, as you were...

January 11, 2012

Holiday heaven

This was my view of the world all of last week, dressed in my best bikini and sarong and modelling the latest in my long line of sun hat acquisitions.

Kinda nice isn't it? Behold the pristine beauty and magnificent splendour that is Port Stephens, a short two and a half hour drive north of Sydney. Finally being in a place where summer was alive and well felt like paradise, especially after the dismal offerings of a unseasonally cold and wet December!

We summer-starved Sydneysiders flocked to their beaches like moths to a flame. My boys have always been big fans of the surf and consequently they threw themselves into each oncoming wave with an exuberance borne of youth; their smiles blazing as wide as the expanse between the red and yellow flags on the beach. I greeted the water in the manner of seeing a long lost friend - arms open wide, a big grin plastered over my face and a little squeal escaping my Invisible Zinc-ed lips - and feeling all the accumulated stress and tensions of the just-finished year slip further and further away as each wave crashed over my body.

We're now back home and I'm trying to get my head back into working mode but man, it's so hard. In a blink of an eye my mind is back in holiday mode, slapping on sunscreen and adjusting my hat before stepping out into the sunshine to do, well, anything I feel like.

Such is the power of a beachside summer holiday. :)

January 1, 2012

Come on in, 2012... we've been expecting you!

Isn't it gorgeous? Sydney welcomed 2012 with an amazing show of fireworks - all choreographed to the theme 'Time to Dream'. We were happily ensconced at a nearby friend's house and watched it all unfold on the telly. I've always loved fireworks and last night's were awesome!

The Provider tells me we'll be out on Sydney Harbour for the next New Year; apparently this was his plan for what we'd be doing THIS year but as they say, life is what happens when you're busy making plans. We had lots of fun regardless; seriously, is there anything better than being with a bunch of great friends on nights like these?

The first day of January began with a rare sleep-in; I don't think anyone was up before 10am, not even the notoriously early rising Son #3. Walking outside with my coffee, I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the morning air. Even my mysterious guitar-playing neighbour was practising with added pizzazz. The reason?

SUMMER HAD FINALLY ARRIVED! *throws arms in the air with glee* Mother Nature has finally decided to give this whole summer thing another chance. Let's hope she doesn't tire of the idea any time soon. I'm enjoying catching up on my Vitamin D stores.

Tomorrow, we're packing up and heading north to Port Stephens for the annual family holiday. (Hence my pleas to Mother Nature). We have one whole week of rest and relaxation coming up - there'll be swimming, lazing about, poking through the local shops, reading, eating... and just being together as a family. I love this time of year for that very reason. Will make the effort of dragging my tired body around today cleaning, washing and packing gear totally worth it. I'm taking the laptop along for the ride so all things going well, I shall be blogging along the way.

Will finish by wishing you all a wonderful New Year and my hope that 2012 will be all that you wish it to be. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your lovely messages, blog feedback and kind support over the past year. It is so very much appreciated. :)
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