February 15, 2012

Marvellous Magda...

Australia has always loved Magda Szubanksi.

And why wouldn't we? She's one very talented woman; comedian, actress, television presenter, radio host, author and just recently, weight loss spokesperson.

Yesterday Magda hit the headlines for a very different reason, releasing a statement saying she was '1000% in support of gay marriage' and then later that night confirmed on TV that she was 'absolutely gay'.

I thought she was fantastic.

Her words were heartfelt, her emotions close to the surface. It was riveting telly. She spoke of her own struggle with sexuality in her teens, admitting to us all that she'd even had suicidal thoughts during that time. And the way she dealt with Steve Price was brilliant. I've always thought he was a bit of a boof head and the drivel falling out of his mouth merely confirmed it.

So, Magda. After seeing you bare your soul like that, Australia loves you even more. Facebook and Twitter are still recovering. You're a bonza chick and I think you've probably done more for the cause of Gay Equality in Marriage than anyone else has done in years. Let's hope the Government stop sitting on the fence with regards to this issue - it's time for change.

Equal rights in marriage should be afforded to everyone, not just for those people in heterosexual relationships.

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