February 27, 2012

Monday Mayhem...

Are you ready for tomorrow? Packed with glitz, glamour, drama and/or intrigue... take your pick, there'll be something for everyone.

There are some definite perks about working from home - like being able to have the TV on to watch all the highlights (and possible lowlights!) of the stars on the red carpet! There'll be more sets of Spanx Underwear walking the walk than publicists and stylists put together, not that they spruik about that though. How awesome would it be to hear this in an interview: "Hi, I'm wearing jewellery from Harry Winston, my gown is from Vera Wang and my jiggly bits are sewn into a full body corset from the Trinnie & Susanna Big Girl Range!" 

Three Aussies are up for a gong, so fingers crossed for them. So many excellent movies to see this year.   

And of course, there is that OTHER big announcement tomorrow of great interest (or not) for those of us living here in Australia:

Our local political soap opera, the Julia vs Kevin Show comes to a climax with members of the Labour party caucus casting votes for their preferred leader in a ballot at 10am. Will we have a new Prime Minister tomorrow? News reports late today are suggesting we won't, that Julia will prevail and comprehensively so. Regardless of which of the two you prefer, it's been quite a series of events over the past few days; I've been flat out reading all the tweets and news stories about it all. Honestly, you couldn't write stuff like this - more drama than you could poke a stick at!

Enjoy your Monday, darlings. See you on the other side xx

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