April 15, 2012

It's time to cast your vote...

Less than ten years ago, having an online blog was a hobby that you kind of kept to yourself. Not because you were embarrassed about it or anything but because of the reaction you might get when you told someone. 'You've got a what? What the hell is a BLOG?'

Bloggers were geeks, nerds or those socially inept people who didn't leave the house because really, who in their right mind posted their thoughts on the Net for all and sundry to read anyway? Certainly not 'normal' people, right?

Fast forward those years and my, how things have changed! Being online is like the new black; it's soooo 2012! But I have to say the coolest thing about blogging is the people you meet. I've connected with some amazing people over the years, all thanks to the internet. They're people whose thoughts I make a point of reading every day, people who are real and honest and beautiful from within, telling all kinds of stories that add colour and texture to my life. It's a truly magical thing.   

Anyway, I digress. Now, you may remember a little while ago I entered this blog in the 2012 Best Australian Blogs Competition. More than just a little bit exciting for me. The competition has now closed and judging will begin. It's a massive job - they've had over 1000 entries! Truly amazing.

However, here's where YOU can help - voting in the People's Choice round is NOW OPEN. See that little blue badge on the top right hand corner? Just click on that, follow the prompts and you can vote for ME! Or click on the link below. I would be most grateful if you did. You've got until the 9th of May, so start clicking! And thankyou!!



I love comments, so thank you for taking the time!

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