May 31, 2012

Dirty laundry...

So, ET is blaming depression for his year-long affair, is he? In the words of John MacEnroe, "You cannot be SERIOUS!"

I read the article in The Australian Women's Weekly today - splashed over no less than EIGHT pages - and looked at the obligatory styled pictures of a contrite ET and his wife, Monique. She looked totally shattered. And wedding band-less.

Image Credit: Alana Landsbury, AWW

How does putting the blame on depression excuse or explain what happened? I find that kind of reasoning rather insulting. And it wasn't as though it was a one-night stand - if that really matters - the affair lasted a whole year. I mean, come on. No kind of PR spin can fix how that looks. Depression and infidelity aren't linked in a join-the-dots kind of way; one doesn't necessarily follow the other.

And what about the 'other woman' in all this? Did she have depression too? I sound cynical, I know, but this kind of transference of blame really irritates me. Celebrities do this kind of shit all the time - is it any wonder they're so screwed up? Whatever happened to being responsible for your own actions?

ET fucked up majorly. Several times. He should man up and be ready to live with the consequences. Not try and pass it off as a chance to create more public awareness about men's depression. Give me a break. And I have to ask: why put this in the media anyway? The Ettingshausen's weren't paid for the article so why do it? Haven't their kids had to deal with enough? They must have suffered plenty from the fallout already. I feel sorry for them.

Whatever happens now, it should be a private matter between ET and his wife. WE DON'T NEED TO HEAR ABOUT IT. I may run screaming from the room if we do.

What do you think of ET's reasons for his infidelity? Have you read the article? Let me know what you think.

May 30, 2012

Heaven's Game...

I've been watching a lot of this lately:

And this:

 And this:

These are pictures of Son #2 during various rugby games. We've been going to a lot of these over the past few weeks, mainly due to the rep rugby season running alongside club rugby season AND school rugby season. We're talking a whole lotta rugby, people. And if that wasn't enough did I also mention that I'm the manager for the rep rugby team as well? And we've got NSW State Champs in less than two weeks? Phew.

Consequently, we're all about the Game They Play In Heaven in this house right now. You'll find rugby gear hanging on the line at any given moment. But it's been great. Apart from the fact that I've always loved watching my boy play the game we both adore, I'm conscious of the the life lessons he's learning, the strength and resilience he's gaining, not to mention the amazing friendships he (and I) have already made over the years. Rugby folk are some of the most gorgeous and generous people you'll ever meet.

The other big plus about rugby (and sport) in general is its ability to provide a source of positivity and optimism, especially if things around you aren't so good. For boys especially, I think this is really important. It's a much needed outlet for all that physical energy they have in bucketloads, a place where they can satisfy the 'risk factor' requirement most instinctively want as well as giving them a platform to have a bit of good, clean fun with a few mates.

Son #2 has been friends with a lot of these boys in this picture for over 7 years. I've watched them grow up from little kindy kids to the deep-voiced almost-men of today.. and yet it blows me away that they're just barely entering their mid teens. The strength of their friendship is a beautiful thing. I love this picture for so many reasons but that particular one makes me smile most of all.

Do your kids play sport? Are you a Sideline Parent most weekends like me?

All photos credited to D Goddard

May 16, 2012

Blue-arsed fly required...

24 hours in a day are just NOT enough. Seriously. It's been TWO WEEKS since I last posted anything here and I am FREAKING OUT. Are my readers still there? God, I sure hope so.

So what's been happening with me? I thought you'd never ask. Here's just SOME of what I've done over the past two weeks...

::  Took Son #2 to at least 10 rugby training sessions and/or games all over Sydney metro area. Yes, that's right, TEN. Fark. Just as well I'm a rugby fan.

::   Made 14 dinners, 10 school lunches and several breakfasts/snacks. Ate chocolate. And more pieces of raisin toast with lashings of butter than I probably should have.

::  Washed an amount of clothes equivalent to the contents of a small department store.

::   Folded that same department load of clothes and put them away.

::   Took Son #3 to four sessions of karate.

::   Helped (and will continue to help because that's just how I roll) very close girlfriend with laundry, showering & getting to doctor's appointments. She recently fell over and now has a surgically implanted plate in her wrist for her trouble. Is currently living life one-handed and despairing over her wardrobe of tight sleeved tops.

::   Earned my keep as bookkeeper for The Provider's business. Paid tax, creditors and a small part of my credit card bill. Shredded offer of credit increase from bank.

::   Attended a school assembly. Watched Son #3 receive an award. Felt SO proud.

::   Grocery shopped more times than I care to remember. God, the Blokes Wot Live Here can eat.

::   Wrote blog post in my head a million times

::   Dropped off and picked up Son #1 to various mates' houses four times. No licence means Mum's Taxi is always in demand.

::   Decluttered laundry cupboards. Discovered where the hot water bottles had been hiding. And the cushion covers with the broken zips.

::   Slept in just once. *sigh*

::   Enjoyed a brief moment of peace during Mother's Day afternoon. Did not do any dishes, laundry or cooking at ALL. Relished every second of it. One day is not long enough - mothers deserve a week!

::   Watched 'The Voice' along with 2 million other Australians. I'm a big fan. Found myself marvelling over Keith Urban's incredible knowledge of song lyrics, not to mention his sensitivity and good looks. Lucky, lucky Nicole.

So what have YOU been up to lately? Much happening at your place? Tell me - I'm all ears.

May 3, 2012

Strong and not so silent types...

"There is a growing strength in women, but it is in the forehead, not in the forearm."  Beverly Sills

What a smart observation by Beverly. She's obviously been privy to the goings-on between the sexes everywhere and indeed, this house.

The Provider has been complaining about a sore shoulder for weeks. And when I say complaining, I mean sighing dramatically every time he rolls over or rearranges himself in bed for the bazillionth time every night. It is driving me nuts. I miss those nights when going to bed meant you pulled up the covers and didn't hear a thing until morning.

I know that might make me sound a tad unsympathetic but really, I'm not - I've been the loving and caring wife, on-hand with ice packs and pain meds as required and generally fussing over him. I even helpfully suggested he take himself off to physio and get it sorted (as I would have done AGES ago) for all our sakes. He mumbled something about being too busy, not having time to go, etc, etc, that it would get better by itself. My sleep-deprived brain however was not impressed with this response. "FFS, the world won't end if you have a day off!" I snarked, before channelling my frustration with men's macho BS into dealing with the Mega Mountain of Laundry. The Provider could tell I was serious by the way I was cracking those towels and folding them flat with a smack. But did he go? Uh, NO.

Several weeks later and - surprise, surprise - his shoulder was still cactus. Finally the Provider had a revelation and took himself to see our local GP who sent him to have an ultrasound. I picked up the film the next day and after he had a look, the doctor wrote him a referral for further treatment. All the Provider had to do was check his work schedule then call to make an appointment. So freaking easy, huh? Not so much.

More time slipped by. More daily enquiries from me 'Did you CALL them?' More complaining from him (ARGGGGH!) about his shoulder. More nights of broken sleep for me (and him).

To borrow a phrase heard recently, I've decided that 'a line has been crossed'. After speaking to the very helpful Renae we have an appointment for tomorrow morning. The Provider has been informed that we are going, come hell or high water. There may or may not have been threats of intimate relations being withheld, dependent on his answer.

Being the intelligent man he is, he has wisely agreed to go. And I will be there supporting his sore-shouldered macho arse, not only because I'm a good wife who loves her husband but because there's only so much spak filler can do to cover the dark circles I've been sporting lately.

What are the men in YOUR life like when they're hurt or sick? Easy to deal with, near death's door or stubbornly 'fine'? Share your stories here!

Image credit: Royalty-Free/CORBIS
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