August 20, 2012

Music for Monday (night)...

Just when I thought I was over a bad dose of the flu, gale force winds arrived to whip everyone senseless around these parts, bringing with it enough pollen and god knows what else to send my nasal cavities straight into MEGA hay fever mode. Ugh. Just what I needed.

I've spent the majority of the last two days within two metres reach of the nearest tissue box. Any further and I risk an unattended dripping nose. I am flabbergasted at the amount of mucous my body can actually generate. It feels like litres! My poor nose is totally over it - even after using those soft aloe vera tissues - so I'm popping the hay fever meds like nobodies business and hoping like hell it clears up soon.

However, in other far more exciting news, Son #2 was at the dentist this morning to get his braces off! 18 months has passed and his teeth are finally in alignment. I had braces too, back when I was 12 and I distinctly remember the day I got them off. I couldn't get over how big my teeth looked; it was like I'd become a member of the Osmond's overnight with a set of choppers to match (if you've never heard of the Osmond's, then you're obviously much younger than me. The Donny & Marie Show was must-watch viewing when I was a pre-teen!)

M's teeth look fantastic - the dentist did a great job - beautifully straight and definitely worth every cent of those monthly payments! He now has retainers for the next year or so but he doesn't mind as they are clear and hardly visible when he's got them on. Just check out that cheeky grin, would ya?

Isn't he gorgeous?

So with that joyful image in mind, I thought I'd pick a song for today's Music for Monday that makes me smile every time I hear it - hopefully it will have the same effect on you too! It's an oldie but a goodie - The Beatles with "Good Day Sunshine".

What songs make YOU smile when you hear them? Share the love, why don't you?


  1. Aah, what a happy post! (Apart from dripping nose obviously.) I'll offer another Beatles song that always makes me smile: "I've just seen a face".

    1. Nice choice! I love the Beatles! They wrote so many songs that simply put, just make you feel good. Some of my favourite Beatles albums are Abbey Road & Sgt Peppers. Sheer musical genius, IMO.


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