October 31, 2012

Hello Muddah... Hello Faddah...

My youngest boy, H, left this morning to go on an end-of-year school camp. He's away for three days. I knew he was fairly excited about the whole thing but this was confirmed when I heard him get up at 6.15am this morning. That's early, even for him!

It's not the first time he's ever been to camp though. We clocked that particular milestone last year. I can still remember the moment he arrived back, my eyes eventually finding him in the sea of kids streaming off the bus. Biggest. Smile. Ever. As he drew closer I asked: "So, how was it?" Two arms wrapped around me tightly for a big hug. Then he said the best three words: "It was AWESOME!"

He'd had, by his account, just about the best time of his life. Rope climbing, archery, boomerang throwing (we are Aussies, after all), orienteering, walks in the bush, he'd loved it all. Sleeping in a cabin with all of his mates. Laughing at each other's jokes (and suspect loud noises coming out of a sleeping bag in the dark). Trying new things for the first time. It was gorgeous. Unpacking his bag at home there was more awesomeness to see. They had written stories of their adventures for the parents, accompanied by beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. I had a lump in my throat by the time I'd finished reading it.

Because he'd been to camp, just like any other kid. And coped with a different bed, different food and different routines in a very different environment. Without his family. And had thrived and come out the other side, perfectly FINE. Just like other kids do.

It was a bit of a watershed moment in the life of an ASD kid, really.

And now my big boy is away to do it all again. His teacher told me he will have a brilliant time and I know she's quite right. For a start, today's activities after arrival at camp included canoeing, just the perfect thing to do given the hot, sunny weather we're having at the moment. He'll love it. I can't wait to hear about this and all the other adventures he'll have had by the time he comes home.

What do you remember about school camps? Have your children ever been on one? What was the best thing about it?

October 29, 2012

Music for Monday...

I have been playing Super Woman today.

I ask you, who needs the gym? Someone needs to remind me how much money I'm saving because man, I busted my butt today. Most of the morning was spent working in the garden doing lawns and dishing out some much-needed TLC (read: vigorous weeding) to my overgrown garden beds. Four loads of washing were then washed and hung out, before I raced to the shop to organise sleeping bag for Son #3's trip to camp. Thank God I looked at the list of what to take - he leaves on Wednesday.

At 5.30pm I found myself scanning cupboards desperately searching for some much needed inspiration required to make dinner. Times like these I wish Jamie Oliver would pop in and whip something up. He can do it in only 15 minutes now, apparently. Brilliant. The starving Blokes Wot Live Here are like rust; their appetites never sleep. (Oh, and in case you're wondering, I decided on tuna & egg pasta bake).

One super-cold bottle of cider is currently being rolled as I type this post and my bodily collapse is expected to occur at about 8.30pm, by which time my youngest son will be in bed. Everyone else is old enough to FEND FOR THEMSELVES. Just sayin'.

Now to Monday's business. Given my labours of today the music feels kind of appropriate. I didn't realise how old this song actually was though - can you believe it's been 40 years? And it's still relevant, as women everywhere continue to battle sexism at work and at home.

I am woman, hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back an' pretend
Cause I've heard it all before
And I've been down there on the floor
No-one's ever gonna keep me down again 

Helen Reddy - I am woman

Sing it, sister! Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

October 28, 2012

Showers... of the baby kind.

My youngest son is on the verge of entering high school, leaving the baby days well and truly behind me. It feels like a lifetime ago since I've had to drag my weary, breast-milk-soaked body out of bed for early morning feeds or deal with a recalcitrant toddler deciding that 4am was the perfect time to start the day. You have NO idea how happy that makes me. 

However I still get excited for those who are about to embark on the great baby adventure. One of my very good mates is one of these gals. She and her husband have a son already making this child Baby No 2. The baby shower was held over the weekend, the perfect excuse for we women to gather, celebrate and talk about at length the impending birth. There was wine, a selection of delicious savoury and sweet nibblies, AND an awesome cake.  

The happy woman NOT having the baby...

Being women, we naturally discussed labour and pre-natal care. It is amazing how the business of having a baby has changed over the years. Attitudes and 'rules' have been rewritten and revised; what I was once told in hospital after the birth of my first son in 1989 is world's away from what mothers are told now. And while we're talking changes, how about names? Apple, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily and Sparrow anyone? We all pledged to help the Mother-to-be with her quest of finding a name she and the Father-to-be could agree on. With traditional spelling, ploise! 

So cute!

How's this for an awesome cake? Such a clever design and as well as looking good, it tasted even better. Like I've always said, you can't go wrong with chocolate mud cake. Between all the baby shower guests present, we polished off the boobs, along with most of the bow. I guess you could say it was Boobalicous. *coughs* Ridiculous pun intended, sorry.

The baby is due sometime in early February and already has a long line of 'other' mothers looking forward to that first cuddle. Because that's the next best thing, isn't it? I love babies, I really do. The way their fingers instinctively curl around your own, the velvety softness of a newborn's head, the pure sweetness in the scent of their skin. But the maternal pull of having more of my own has long gone. So I take all my joy in the delights of other people's babies - I get the pleasure of the cuddle but someone else does the nightshift! Win/Win!

When was the last time you were at a baby shower? 

October 25, 2012

I heart my body...

How do you feel about your body? Do you love it?

Right now, my answer is an emphatic NO. Because it's that time of the month when my body decides it hates me and fills my uterus full of stabby needling cramps, sustaining them for 36 hours or so. This is usually combined with low back pain and a headache that won't completely go away. I am pretty much incapacitated during this time. It takes everything I've got to force myself upright but I can't stay that way for long. The Blokes Wot Live Here know (most times) not to poke the Pain-Crazed Mamma-Bear. She gets very irritable when roused.

I have been to my doctor about this, in case you were wondering. I will be having that pesky uterus taken out early next year. Good riddance! But for now, I have to hang on for a day or so, when I'll be back to my normal self.

But back to the question about whether or not I heart my body. Do I really?

Overall, yes I do. But that love has been a long time coming. In my teens I wanted legs that were hair- free. (I had the hairiest legs out of all my friends. After months of trying everything from peroxide to lemon juice, I ended up shaving them). In my 20's I wished for a body that was slimmer, without the mummy belly (I was having babies, while my childless friends were wearing midriff tops and going out.) In my 30's I wished for my boobs to be bigger (post breast-feeding my boosies SHRANK to A cups. I was devastated.)

But in my 40's, I have finally realised that there are way more ticks in the plus column than in the negative one. My body is strong and I now make of a point of looking after it. I don't smoke, I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to exercise regularly. I use good quality products on my skin. I colour my hair and have the occasional facial. I still have cellulite but hell, what woman doesn't? I'm in excellent health, I don't look my age and better yet, my pre-baby B cup boobs are back (accentuated to their full potential by a good bra!)

What's not to love about that?

So tell me - do you heart your body? Share your story here... 

October 22, 2012

Music for Monday...

Source: Wikipedia

I bet most of you know what country this flag is from. Even if you think you don't know, the second I say it you'll smack yourself on the forehead and say: "Of course it is!"

So what's the answer? If you said Sweden, you'd be absolutely correct. And the first place that comes to mind when you're talking all things Swedish is IKEA. It's the home of furniture with names like Ektorp, Malm and Karlstad, has instruction manuals with Slots A, B and C and for some reason, flat packs arrive with more screws than you ever need.

My girlfriend and I spent a good 3 hours exploring this Swedish giant today. I picked up a couple of cool prints and frames as well as my first lot of Christmas paraphernalia - and it's only OCTOBER! That's early for me.

A must-do for most of my IKEA visits has been a welcome stop at the restaurant. Swedish efficiency at its best. I had my favourite - a plate of Swedish meatballs with mash and gravy - complimented with a little spoonful of cranberry sauce. Yummo. So cheap and very satisfying, filling you up without making you feel bloated afterward. Perfect.

Finally we made it downstairs to where the real business hangs out - the kitchen, glassware and art/framing departments. I could deck out my whole house with stuff from here. Already I can see I'll need to go back. Heh.

So in keeping with today's theme, Music for Monday is something Swedish and NO, it's not ABBA. Think late 80's. You may remember a duet with a spiky platinum blonde teamed with someone sporting a serious case of 80's hair - they had a song featured in "Pretty Woman". Richard Gere's character is sitting disconsolate in the back of a limo - leaving Julia Roberts behind with a fat wad of money - about to return to his empty, corporate life.

Roxette - It must have been love

It must have been love
But it's over now
It must have been good
But I lost it somehow

Enjoy your Monday, people   xx

October 21, 2012

Lazy dogs, Tom Cruise, All Blacks and me...

Check out my dog, would you? He's having a lazy Sunday morning doing what he loves best; being as close as he can to the bosom of the family, and sleeping. It's like the dog equivalent to having a large coffee and a read of the Sunday papers which is what I've been doing for the past hour or so. I must confess I'm feeling a little lazy myself this morning but when you hear what I did yesterday, you'll understand why.

Yesterday I was like Tom Cruise in a Top-Gun-kind of way, not a couch-jumping-super-controlling-kind of way. "I feel the need!" my inner housekeeper sang. "The need for CLEAN." With a side dish of decluttering. LOTS of decluttering.

When I am in one of those moods, I am like a woman possessed. Main child to benefit from my spring clean buzz was Son #3. We went through his drawers and wardrobe like a knife through butter, throwing out things that were ripped, too small or not worn. Clean sheets were put on his bed. Toys were organised into plastic containers and put away. And finally, a window was opened to air out the room. SO MUCH BETTER.

I then turned my energies to attacking the laundry floor, completely hidden by a proverbial MOUNTAIN of dirty clothes. My God, it never ceases to amaze me how much washing a family of five can generate. And you will not be surprised by the fact that my pile of clothes is the SMALLEST. I know, right?! Whoever said girls were clothes horses ain't got nothing on my boys. Four loads were washed, hung out, taken in and folded then put away. Dinner was made and eaten, then cleaned up. My day ended with my backside on the couch, in front of the TV.

It was rugby night. The All Blacks playing the Wallabies. There was much yelling and cheering (on my part) and more yelling about the standard of commentary (also on my part). When the Wallabies can string 16 wins in a row then you can start boasting about DEPTH, okay fellas? You know who you are. Sheesh.

Final score was a disappointing 18-all draw. The AB's played well below their best and for a good portion of the game were on the wrong side of the scoreline. Despite their efforts they were held at bay by a spirited Wallaby team who, it must be said, really took it to them. Both sides had loads of handling errors due to either the humid Brisbane night or the huge amounts of sweat dripping off the players.

Referee Joubert was right there - how did he not see it??  Credit: Getty Images

And yet again Richie McCaw was the victim of another cheap shot from an opposing player, this time Scott Higginbotham, who first kneed our captain in the head then seconds later head butted him for good measure. He has been cited (and rightly so!) and will appear in front of a judiciary next week. If I was him though, I'd be more worried about the next time he plays the AB's. Those boys have long memories. Just ask Quade Cooper.

This Sunday I'm having a quiet one. I have two new episodes of Sons of Anarchy & The Good Wife to watch, plus there's another weekend paper to read. What are YOU doing today?

October 17, 2012

Same, same... but different.


I knew it as soon as I saw him walk with a barely controlled frustration across the crossing. All the signs were there. A tightness in the jaw. A slight redness around the eyes. And a real reluctance to talk or even look at me.

The Black Cloud of Angst was overhead. Damn. Back so soon?

As we were driving home, I stole a glance in the rear vision mirror.  My Ninja Boy was unusually quiet, his mouth still compressed into a thin, flat line. That didn't bode well. Normally he provides a continual one-sided conversation as we go, parroting the soundtrack of his current favourite DVD or TV show. This little routine relaxes and calms him after a long day. For ASD kids, being at school can present double the challenge of neuro-typical kids - as well as the actual work, they have to cope with external sensory and structural pressures. It's pretty full on for the entire 6 hours they are there, so by the end of the day they are DONE.

But yesterday, there was no chatter to be had. Usually the deep rumble of H's voice is a comforting backing track as I drive and it was noticeable by its absence. No gentle prodding about what was wrong elicited any response. By the time we reached our driveway though, it all came tumbling out punctuated with hot, angry tears.

"I just. Want. Things. To stay. The same." This statement was accompanied by a hand smacking down hard on the seat beside him. My heart broke.

This year heralds preparation for a major shift in H's life. High school looms in the distance and this means new friends and new routines. A new classroom. New uniform. New teachers. Not to mention we have the added bonus of puberty with mood swings, hormonal and physical changes all combined with autism. The result is one very stressed Ninja Boy. All it takes is one thing to go wrong and he's beside himself.

Because haven't we all been there? Everyone has met Same. Same is safe. Same is predictable. Same lets you focus on other things because the main parameters of your life are known.


Same doesn't help you grow. Same doesn't push you to learn. Same doesn't expose you to new taste, touch and feel. Same doesn't help you become the person you're meant to be.

So the battle began. We finally shot down that Cloud with lots of cuddles and some social story-telling. I knew the crisis was averted, for now. The Universe kindly decided to cut me a break when I realised later we had karate scheduled for that afternoon. Most serendipitous. Karate has been a real revelation for us - it's the perfect place for any teen to get rid of all that pent-up anger in a safe and calm way. No actual persons are harmed during this activity! Win/win.

I know it won't be the last time we see the Black Cloud of Angst, unfortunately. I've been down this road before and I know it's like a rite of passage. A sure thing. Navigating those teenage years is like walking through a minefield. Every little drama is magnified like it's the end of the world. One wrong step and...*mass explosions* Exhausting, isn't it? I am only slightly cheered by the fact that this will be the last time I have to go through it. Small mercies, people, small mercies. But hell, I'll take it.

Has your house been visited by the Black Cloud of Angst lately? What do YOU do to send that bitch packing? 

October 15, 2012

Music for Monday...


I do some of my best thinking when I'm out walking the dog. I've discovered this simple action of getting out of the house and into the fresh air is invaluable for my mental clarity. It's the perfect healthy way to help release all the thoughts held captive in my head and put them into some semblance of order. I don't mind telling you there's a lot to process up there at the moment.

I was lucky enough to attend the ProBlogger Event 2012 in Melbourne this past weekend. A welcome break from my normal life with boys, I would have three nights and four days away. The conference was to be two days of bloggers meeting and networking, as well as being jam-packed with information, advice and inspiring speakers. I knew my brain was in for a serious workout.

Moving upwards and onwards...

I learned a truckload of stuff this weekend, stuff that I'm really excited about and consequently impatient to begin implementing here. This was the second conference I'd attended and I was determined to make the most of the opportunity - despite my high-school-like nervousness - and meet some new people. It's such an awkward dance we bloggers do at these sorts of things. You find yourself sidling up alongside people in the hope that they'll catch your eye, giving you the chance to strike up a conversation (hopefully with a witty opening line) before nerves get the better of you and you sidle away - like (metorphorical) ships that pass in the night!

However. You'll be pleased to know I persevered and was thrilled to meet bloggers whose writing I really love. People like Kerri Sackville, Allison Tate and Eden Riley. These women are so hugely talented and all, without fail, were exceedingly generous to everyone with their time. It's very much appreciated ladies, so thanks.

Meeting the gorgeous Kerri Sackville

I'm still trying to process all that I've learned over the weekend. I'll be posting more about my adventures later in the week. But I thought I'd make today's Music For Monday dedicated to everyone who came along to ProBlogger Event 2012. We may be a small group of people but we are growing in number, every day. We will keep on speaking our own truths. Being consistent and real. We will continue to connect with our readers, and each other, while we spread and share our words.

I think that is a beautiful thing. Happy Monday, everyone.

It's a beautiful day!
Don't let it get away!

U2 - Beautiful Day

October 10, 2012

Need a role model, anyone?

I should be packing. My suitcase is currently sitting empty in my room, waiting to be filled with warm clothes (gotta love Melbourne weather) and probably too many pairs of shoes. I have yet to check-in to my flight online and print off my boarding pass, plus I need to organise a few last-minute things for the boys, and fold and put away that last bit of washing. Oh, and eat something. So much to do. All because I'm leaving for the Pro Blogger conference tomorrow, that is if I ever get packed in time!

But instead, I was checking my emails, saw this in my inbox and my heart went all a-flutter. Because there's a new book out!

I want this book like, NOW.

I've been a fan of Richie McCaw's from the moment I saw him play. He is, without doubt, the greatest open side flanker New Zealand has ever produced. The list of his sporting achievements is nothing short of impressive, equalled only by the humility and integrity of the man himself. During a stellar 112 game career with the All Blacks (including captaining the successful 2011 Rugby World Cup side) Richie McCaw has only tasted defeat a mere 12 times, giving him an enviable winning ratio of 89%. That's an incredible fact, right there. Last weekend saw another milestone reached - he became the first player EVER to achieve 100 Test wins.

In typically modest fashion, Richie has deflected all praise received for this achievement and instead thanked his team mates for helping him get there. He is that rare breed of sportsman who actually understands that no-one is bigger than the team. We need a whole lot more of that kind of thinking in life generally, I reckon.

"I don't often put personal stuff ahead of what you're trying to do out on the field but after a performance like that, I'm thankful just to be out there. To get 100 wins you've got to be a part of a very special team to be able to do that. I've been lucky to be with a good bunch of men over a long period of time and today was another example of the fun you can have when you get the right result." 

Richie McCaw is the complete package. Everything you want in a leader. Mentally resilient. Physically tough. Intuitive. Humble. Respectful. Decent. And yes, I'll grant you, he has the added bonus of being a rather attractive man. Not that I'd noticed. Much. *ahem*

But my point is this.

You won't read about him tearing it up on a Friday night, drunk and disorderly. You'll never see him shoot his mouth off making disparaging sexist remarks about women. He's never been in the news for all the WRONG reasons. His reputation as a down-to-earth, all round good bloke is as rock solid as his ferocious defence on the paddock. He's exactly the kind of man I want as a role model for our kids. I know Son#2 is a huge fan.

The word 'legend' is thrown about with careless abandon these days when it comes to our sporting stars, but in the case of Richie McCaw, I think it is entirely appropriate. Congratulations, mate. You are indeed, the MAN.

Now, I really must get back to packing. See you at Pro Blogger!

[All pictures credited to Getty Images]

October 8, 2012

Music For Monday...


"At last!" she breathed, with a smile.

I looked around my house this morning and saw the detritus of the weekend lying wherever it was dropped. There was a good deal of it too but today, it didn't faze me. The rattle and hum of the washing machine working its way through the first of many loads to come rumbled in the distance. Its spin cycle ended with a whirring crescendo and then a satisfying stillness fell over the room. A gentle snore then broke the silence and my eyes found the slumbering form of Spencer asleep on the couch, his body curled up beside the pillow, his front paws tucked up under his snout. Our reinstated morning walk had exhausted him.

So how's the serenity? Just bloody beautiful is what it was.

School is BACK, baby and I am so happy it is. OMG, there were loads of smiling parents at school drop off today! Son #3 was less than impressed about school being back however and did not appreciate my unbridled excitement. Sorry, darling. It's just that while Mummy found it nice to start the day without an alarm clock there comes a time during the holidays when the novelty of that wears OFF. Usually when you and your brothers start to bicker and tease and annoy, just for the fun of it. And I'd kinda like to have my house back so I can actually get some work done. And other, important blogging stuff. M'kay?

So here we are, a Monday. Which means it's time for some music. And to mark this glorious occasion when serenity is once again part of my house (between the hours of 9 and 3, anyway) I thought I'd play a song from one of my favourite bands, Pink Floyd. Their music always makes me want to relaaaax. They've had stacks of great songs over the years, although not so much lately. I saw these guys in concert in 1988, one of the first big name acts I'd ever seen live. They totally raised the bar about what live music should look and sound like. It was brilliant, a night I'll never forget.

So turn up your speakers, soak up the old school ambience and have a listen to this track from Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly. Happy Monday, one and all.

October 6, 2012

People who meet people... are called bloggers.

There are many things I love about blogging but in my opinion, one of the BEST things about it are the people you get to meet. It's just fantastic. I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing women (and the odd man) over the years I've been in cyber space. There's definitely something to be said about chatting with another person who totally 'gets' the world of online interaction. Once you've done it, you want to do it again. And again. And again.

All ready for serious lunching...

So when the opportunity to meet up with a few fellow bloggers came my way, I was IN. I love being one of those ladies who lunch. In my life, this rare activity is a no-brainer. I mean, what's not to like? A beautiful meal is made by someone else, you get a few hours of fun-filled child-free time, much laughter and chat ensues about blogging and anything and everything else in-between, and you finish this off with an indecently large slab of cheesecake/mudcake and coffee/tea before heading home feeling great. It's a win/win in my book, let me give you the drum.

Choices, choices!

My lunch companions today were a delightfully entertaining trio comprising of Janine from Shambolic Living, Alana from House Goes Home & House Goes Hollywood and Rachel from The Kids are All Right. Intelligent, insightful and quick-witted, these gals also write blogs that are well worth your time to pay a visit. I wish we could've hung out for longer.

Three hours roared past like nobody's business, with no lull in conversation whatsoever. Mind you, anyone who knows bloggers in general will not be surprised by this. God knows we live for the chance to talk/overshare with an interested audience! LOL.

I couldn't finish it... but it was oh so good!

The only thing I regret was that I didn't have the presence of mind to take a photo BEFORE Alana had left. Consequently, she is not in our group selfie which I hurriedly snapped outside the cafe door as we were leaving. I'm so sorry, Alana! I blame the sugar rush from that cheesecake.

Ladies who lunch. And also love to blog.

The next big blogger meet up for me is the Pro Blogger Event coming up in Melbourne. I am currently swinging between feeling wildly excited and nervous as hell by the prospect. Very soon I'll be sharing breathing space in a room filled to the BRIM with the very best of the blogging world in Australia. I'm depending on the thrill factor of simply being there to help banish any feelings of intimidation. So stay tuned. I'll keep you posted on my travels!

How's your people-meeting power? Have you taken the plunge and met up with someone you've met online? How did it go?

October 4, 2012

Boys & brains - one of these things is not like the other...

  • School holidays. 
  • Teenage boys. 
  • More free time than they know what to do with. 

This combination of factors is almost ALWAYS guaranteed to produce a 'Seriously???' moment.

I'll elaborate, shall I?

Son #2 arrives home from a sleepover at a friends house. He's wearing a cap but for some reason seems rather loathe to take it off. I raise a questioning eyebrow at this and receive a sheepish half-smile in return. A second or two later he pulls the cap off to show me this:

And no, he's not a dentist but he still won't show you his face...

Apparently some genius (and I use that word loosely) thought it would be really funny to give him a 'haircut' with the clippers. On the one side ONLY. *rolls eyes*

My first thought was 'WHY?' but experience told me not to ask because nine times out of ten the answer doesn't make much sense. To me, anyway. Why do teenage boys do anything?? And his hair had been looking really good lately too. Looks like we'll be going back to the very short buzz cut all over before school begins next week.

Despite this, we are surviving Week Two of the school holidays pretty well. The excellent weather in ol' Sydney town has certainly helped. We've been to the movies, had sleepovers, gone to friends houses  for lunch and generally enjoyed the lack of an alarm clock starting our days. I've become a very proud auntie again (my brother and his gorgeous girl had themselves a wee baby boy (!!) on Tuesday, a brother for the precious Sweet Pea), spent some time tidying up in the garden and even fitted new handles on two doors at home. I've got more painting to do downstairs but that will have to wait until the boys are back at school. Helpers with that I do not need.

Roll on Monday morning, I say.

Do you have kids at home on holidays? What have you done to pass the time? 

October 1, 2012

Music for Monday...

[Image: from Apple.com]

This post almost didn't make it online today. I am forever grateful to the incredibly calm and capable Daniel at my local Apple store. All thanks must go to him. His sense of 'can-do' was very soothing to my frazzled nerves today. I've only had my MacBook Pro for a mere three months and am still learning my way around it, but already I am deeply in love. So you can understand my anxiety as I waited for help at the aptly named 'Genius Bar'.

Enter the hero of this story. I think young Daniel realised how stressed the 46-year old woman in front of him was when she gabbled on and on about how "this is the first Mac I've ever had and OMG, I think I've broken it!" Or something like that. Ahem. As I said, I was a bit stressed!

He checked a few things and then said he'd have to take it 'out the back' for a moment, to try something else. This is a statement that always fills me with worry. What the hell really happens out the back? In secret. Away from the public view. Maybe all kinds of unmentionable atrocities, things far too dreadful to be done at the front counter? Yet I nodded all the same, and waited for Daniel to come back.

A short time later (fortunately, as my imagination was starting to run rife) the door opened and he appeared with my Mac in his hand. He laid her gently on the counter. I held my breath. One push of the button and... SHE WAS WORKING! *chorus of archangels* He did explain what the problem was but the only thing I can remember is something about a power surge issue. I was too thrilled to care, the only surge I was thinking about was the one of relief that was washing gratefully over me.

So back to the business for today. Music! I thought I'd go back a bloody long time few years to my early teens and play a song that was big when I was in high school. Say hello to 1979... here's Mi-Sex with "Computer Games". We had no idea of what was to come, did we?

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, people!

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