February 20, 2013

Right here, write now

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Gosh, hello. That self-imposed writing hiatus over the holidays lasted a little longer than I intended it to (and just when my blog's stats were beginning to show signs of promise. Oh well). But as things so very often are around here, there's been little time to stop and reflect on life and the universe, never mind sit down and actually write about it. Instead I've been reduced to writing countless blog posts in my head while I've been working, or painting, or walking the dog, or grocery shopping or doing SOMETHING other than hanging out here. 

But then yesterday I miraculously found a spare few minutes.  Do you think I could come up with something? Nope. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Talk about your frustrating moment. *sigh*

Eventually, after several coffees, I jumped on the idea I'd tell you about a few things that are putting a spring in my step so far this year. Cue bullet points, ploise:

  • School is BACK now, baby! *cue the sound of angels singing halleleujah* A new era of education has begun in the WSDN household with the Ninja Boy starting high school. We're just one month into it and the news is good: he loves it! I think all the different subjects, new teachers and experiences he's tried over the last four weeks (in an orderly timetabled manner, of course) have been like nectar of the Gods for his enquiring mind. Today was more of the new: he tried his hand at cooking, proudly bringing home two chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies as proof of his efforts in the kitchen (and they were lovely too). It has honestly been the easiest start to school ever, a fact I am incredibly grateful for. Without a doubt there'll still be challenges to overcome in the future but for now it's great, so I'm soaking up all that joy while I can!

  • Speaking of school, there's someone else who's back now too. Or more accurately, there's someone else who has returned after a very, VERY long time. Ten points if you guessed it was me. I have procrastinated for what seems like a ridiculous amount of time but finally I've enrolled at TAFE to do my Bookkeeping Certificate IV. Not sure if my brain has any idea what I've just signed it up for but so far, so good. I'm enjoying the challenge of having to think about something other than what to cook for dinner. Meanwhile, the boys are finding it most amusing that their mother now has homework to do. Ha!

  • Took the RugbyBoy, Son#2, and a couple of his mates to see the Waratahs vs Crusaders trial match last week. I love the Sydney Football Stadium as a venue but man, the traffic to get there absolutely SUCKS. However, it was worth it to be back in the bosom of all things rugby again. We were  incredibly fortunate to meet a few of the Crusaders boys (and the coach too, thanks Todd) who stayed out on the field after the game to chat to fans. The RugbyBoy was beyond thrilled to get a couple of photos with some of his heroes. On a side note, I thought it was a shame the home side couldn't hang around to do the same. Especially when Waratah Management have said they want more fans to come to the games. Ten minutes would have been really appreciated, fellas. Instead, the team headed straight back into the change rooms leaving young fans rather disappointed. Take note, Michael Cheika! Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Crusaders won, 16-14. YEAH. 

There are other awesome things as well, of course, like having heavenly PEACE AND QUIET here between the hours of 9 and 3, rooms that stay clean for longer than 5 minutes and less frequent trips to the supermarket but that all goes without saying during school terms, you know what I mean?  

Long may the smiles continue. So let me throw the question over to you: what's made YOU happy so far this year? 

February 12, 2013

He's a lumberjack and he's okay...

As the lone female living in a house full of blokes, I've learned (over time) that for my own mental health I have to be choosy about which battles I wage. There are some aspects about life with the Blokes Wot Live Here that will never change, no matter how much I wish it would.

I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Think anything to do with toilets, bodily functions and noise. Separately or collectively.

It would be far too exhausting to argue about EVERY. SINGLE. THING. You simply couldn't do it. Life's too short and I can't be bothered being that anal or bitchy.


Every now and then an opportunity comes along that is tailor made to utilise their instinctive and primal appetite for untold destruction, intended or otherwise.

Today's weapon of choice

Hellooo, you gorgeous thing, you. *cue manly beating of chests and masculine grunting*

Down one side of our house we have a few tall trees from our neighbour's yard that sit very close to the fence. During the last big storm here these trees were swaying so badly they were smacking the side of the house. It was very loud and unfortunately caused one of the roof tiles to break off and fall onto the path below. The Provider went over to the neighbour's for a chat and they both agreed - it was time to give those babies a decent chop!

And it starts...

The boys were keen as to do it themselves, naturally. I found it all rather amusing - try it for yourself - tell a Bloke he can get busy with a chainsaw and watch the spark come alive in his eyes!

Son#1 was only too willing to help...

TIMBERRRRR! Let the chopping up begin! 

In no time at all one tall tree was trimmed down to far more manageable height. Of course MORE chainsawing was needed to chop it all into smaller pieces to be taken away to the tip. *cue more male beating of chests*

Many hands make light work...

Job was done in a short matter of time and as a happy, additional consequence we've discovered more sunlight can reach into the backyard in the afternoon. Awesome! I have more chopping/pruning to come down the track in the garden so it will be nice to call on the boys for a hand when I need it.

Good to have a few would-be lumberjacks around when you need them, hmmm?

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