February 12, 2013

He's a lumberjack and he's okay...

As the lone female living in a house full of blokes, I've learned (over time) that for my own mental health I have to be choosy about which battles I wage. There are some aspects about life with the Blokes Wot Live Here that will never change, no matter how much I wish it would.

I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Think anything to do with toilets, bodily functions and noise. Separately or collectively.

It would be far too exhausting to argue about EVERY. SINGLE. THING. You simply couldn't do it. Life's too short and I can't be bothered being that anal or bitchy.


Every now and then an opportunity comes along that is tailor made to utilise their instinctive and primal appetite for untold destruction, intended or otherwise.

Today's weapon of choice

Hellooo, you gorgeous thing, you. *cue manly beating of chests and masculine grunting*

Down one side of our house we have a few tall trees from our neighbour's yard that sit very close to the fence. During the last big storm here these trees were swaying so badly they were smacking the side of the house. It was very loud and unfortunately caused one of the roof tiles to break off and fall onto the path below. The Provider went over to the neighbour's for a chat and they both agreed - it was time to give those babies a decent chop!

And it starts...

The boys were keen as to do it themselves, naturally. I found it all rather amusing - try it for yourself - tell a Bloke he can get busy with a chainsaw and watch the spark come alive in his eyes!

Son#1 was only too willing to help...

TIMBERRRRR! Let the chopping up begin! 

In no time at all one tall tree was trimmed down to far more manageable height. Of course MORE chainsawing was needed to chop it all into smaller pieces to be taken away to the tip. *cue more male beating of chests*

Many hands make light work...

Job was done in a short matter of time and as a happy, additional consequence we've discovered more sunlight can reach into the backyard in the afternoon. Awesome! I have more chopping/pruning to come down the track in the garden so it will be nice to call on the boys for a hand when I need it.

Good to have a few would-be lumberjacks around when you need them, hmmm?


  1. Love it - could use a bit of help over here if you could manage to twitch your nose and get them here. It ill be great to have more sunlight as well and maybe the noisy birds will have to go somewhere else to call out at 4am.

    1. If I ever manage to do the Bewitched Twitch, you will be the FIRST one I go to! It's incredible how much more sun we get now. Will make a HUGE difference in winter :)

  2. I'm a very independent person but must admit I wish I had a male around sometimes for those stereotypical male things - like housey crap I don't want to deal with (fixing things and putting nails and stuff in, dealing with tradies etc).

    Although I'd like one around for other purposes as well.... ;-)

    1. LOL Deb! They do have their good points, I agree, hee hee.


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