April 22, 2013

22/4: Music for Monday...

Image: Channel 9

As regular readers of WSDN will already know, I am a self-professed watcher of the 'The Voice' on Channel 9. Last year I tuned in - mostly out of curiosity - and before I knew it, I (and the rest of the country) was hooked, ensuring my attendance in front of the telly every night. It was all about the singing. The emotional theatrics. Seal's unusual outfits. Keith's incredible song lyric knowledge. Joel's toothpick. Delta's facial expressions. In other words, RATINGS GOLD.

And this year, they're back. As am I. And there have been a few changes:

  • Ricky Martin has replaced Keith Urban.
  • Host Darren McMullen is under the impression that hair combed forward makes him look 'hip' or something.
  • The clothing allowance for judges has apparently been brutally slashed as they have worn the SAME OUTFITS for the entire series of blind auditions. I don't know how much more of 'peekaboo side-boob' I can take from Delta's jumpsuit. 
  • Contestants need to have the saddest, most tragic backstory possible before applying. This has  created much hilarity on the Twitter feed of late. 

Last night, a woman called Abby Dobson auditioned. She sang an Aretha Franklin song and gave it her absolute all but unfortunately, none of the judges were swayed to hit their buttons. Perhaps she chose the wrong song but she was STREETS ahead of the gal who butchered Radiohead's 'Creep' and still got through. If I never hear that version again it will be too soon. Your thoughts?

For anyone who doesn't know Abby, there's a very likely chance you'll know her beautiful voice. Abby was the lead singer of an Australian band, Leonardo's Bride. They had a massive hit in 1998 with "Even When I'm Sleeping". I have always loved this song and thought I'd remind everyone how beautiful it truly is by featuring it as today's song choice for MFM. 

Don't be confused by my apparent lack of ceremony
My mind is clear
I may be low or miles high off in the distance
I want you near
I love you... even when I'm sleeping
When I close my eyes
You're everywhere

Leonardo's Bride - Even When I'm Sleeping

Happy Monday, people. 

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