About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah. 

I'm a mother of three (28, 19 & 17) - and all of them are boys. The Blokes Wot Live Here, as I call them, are gorgeous, spirited and unique individuals. It can be pretty noisy when we're all home, let me tell you. I may have survived the days of nappies, feeding and never-ending sleepless nights, but the mothering, nuturing and sheer relentless pace of life still continues. It's just like they say: bigger kids, bigger problems! 

I'm now at the part where it's more about taxi-ing kids to school, sports practice or their friend's houses, making sure we have plenty of food in the fridge, clean socks and jocks in their drawers and plenty of wherewithall to help solve a crisis (real and/or imagined). In this house, I'm the Chief Domestic Engineer - in other words, whatever needs doing I'm the one who usually does it.

I'm a recent single parent, but that's not what defines me. I have discovered over the past year you never know what's around the corner in this life, so I try to savour and appreciate every moment when it happens. Makes for a much happier me! Life is too short, and all that.

I started this blog a few years ago so I could finally have a place that was all about ME. Living constantly surrounded by testosterone I needed somewhere to chill out - a place where I could write about what I thought or what I liked, without having to make allowances for anyone else. It might sound a little selfish I guess and in a way it probably is - but my life has been devoted to caring for someone else other than myself for over 20 years so hey, I figure I'm entitled.

I love books and I've been an avid reader from the moment I was taught how. The joy of being transported somewhere else through the power of the written word is a gift I am thankful for every day. There are so many amazing stories to be heard and I've only barely scratched the surface! 

I've been writing stories in one way or another for as long as I can remember - including a short stint many years ago as a journalist and newsreader on radio - but have only pursued it a little more diligently since my boys have become a little older.

I believe everyone has their own story to tell and this blog is a way of telling mine, one tale at a time. It is my nirvana, my joy, my special place. Glad you could share it with me.

Sarah  xx


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