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    How do you like your steak? With the fire brigade or without?

    If it wasn’t for the fact the BBQ gas bottle turned out to be empty, this episode would never have happened.   In the past we have teased the Provider about his historically bad cooking skills (in all truth, this has been a little unfair) but after last night, let me tell you, he will […]

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    He’s a lumberjack and he’s okay…

    As the lone female living in a house full of blokes, I’ve learned (over time) that for my own mental health I have to be choosy about which battles I wage. There are some aspects about life with the Blokes Wot Live Here that will never change, no matter how much I wish it would. […]

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    The day we became another statistic…

    You never think it will happen to you. But then, horribly, it does. The experience robs you of more than just mere material goods. The day had all the makings of a normal Friday. I’d dropped Sons 2 & 3 at school, come home and started the usual; laundry, dishes, take meat out for dinner that night. Our crappy summer wore […]

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