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    I’m in a Prickly, Moody State of mind…

    Image source *roars* You know it’s going to be one of those days when this sums up your mindset perfectly. *more roaring* Not five minutes ago I totally demolished a large fruit-filled hot cross bun. It had been lightly toasted in the oven and then slathered generously with butter which melted into a gooey pool of goodness, […]

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    I’ve won a Sunshine Award!

    “Thank you to all the members of the Academy, the Hollywood Foreign Press, my agent* and my parents… I’m beyond thrilled!”  *tearfully clutches award* Okay, it’s NOT the Oscars but it’s an award nonetheless (and a blogging one, at that!) which makes it pretty damn special to me all the same. I’d like to give […]

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    Music for Monday…

    Source I do some of my best thinking when I’m out walking the dog. I’ve discovered this simple action of getting out of the house and into the fresh air is invaluable for my mental clarity. It’s the perfect healthy way to help release all the thoughts held captive in my head and put them […]

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    It’s a small, small world…

    Last night I went to a special needs high school fundraiser with one of my girlfriends (the gal currently living life with one hand) My ticket was a thank you but also a favour – and one I was more than happy to grant – she needed a driver and meal cutter-upper! And so it was that we ventured out to the wilds of […]

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