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What I Know Now: August Edition…

* We’re in the final week of winter, and I for one, cannot WAIT until the temperature rises so I don’t need a hot water bottle, flannelette pyjamas and the extra blanket on my bed just to stay warm! Quite the sexy mental picture I’m painting for you, I know, but needs must! Cold hands, cold feet and cold bum is the alternative otherwise. I’m desperately yearning for those warm, lazy days at the beach when my only worry will be where my drink, hat and sunnies are.

* Australian politics this past week has lost its mind. Backroom deals, petty vindictiveness and power struggles. Is this what our tax dollars should be paying for? I think not. We have so many other important things to be focused on: farmers battling drought, violence against women reaching epic levels, the mess that is the asylum seeker situation on Nauru & Manus Island, our dying Great Barrier Reef, just to mention a few. Instead we’ve been given a new PM and no guarantee the carnage is over yet. We’re all sick of it. The nearest display of leadership we have is across the Tasman – the NZ government led by the very impressive Jacinda Ardern recently voted against a pay rise for politicians because they didn’t think they needed it – TAKE NOTE CANBERRA! Do your damn job!

* And speaking of things NZ – how fan-bloody-tastic has the performance been of the current All Blacks side? I am running out of superlatives to describe the sublime form we are witnessing this international season. Last weekend’s game against the Wallabies was a master class, our boys physical efforts over the entire 80 minutes something very special. And coach Steve Hansen says there’s still room for improvement! Not to mention the depth of talent seems limitless. How exciting. A fierce culture of respect, hard work and honour is obvious watching this team; the privilege of wearing that jersey is something they don’t take lightly and it shows, on and off the field. These men will do anything for the All Black legacy and we as fans love them for it. Bring on the Boks!

* Looking after your physical and mental health is so important, especially as you get older. Over the weekend I met up with some of my best mates I’ve known forever (our Mothers Group, 21 years and counting!) and much laughter ensued over a small cafe table while we discussed all things noticed as women entering our 50’s. Some things you have to share. And laugh about. Because some of them are so bloody ridiculous. Like acne. Who gets acne at our age? Seriously! Didn’t we deal with that as teenagers? Thanks a lot, hormones. In our minds however there is a wry acknowledgment of the changes albeit mixed in with that small element of denial. 50 is the new 40, or something like that, right? We’re younger than our mothers were at the same age despite having aches where there never were any, changes in skin, lines and wrinkles, hot flushes, dryness… oh yes, it’s AWESOME. Pass me a red wine, will you? I hear it’s good for your heart.

* And lastly if I know anything, it’s this. Just when you congratulate yourself for getting ahead in your finances, you can bet your bottom dollar that every bill known to man will arrive the next day in your inbox. And need to be paid within the next fortnight. Eeeep! However a few nights driving rideshare has helped me navigate that bumpy wee road, thank goodness. But along with the extra money, the real bonus was hearing some hilarious and fascinating stories to boot from my passengers. Real life is SO much more interesting than fiction! I may need to write these down. Book idea, incoming!

So that’s me… tell me what YOU know now…

2 responses to “What I Know Now: August Edition…”

  1. Unknown Avatar

    Love it sweetie xx

  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Thanks hon! It's so lovely to be writing… trying to get back into it a little more regularly. xx

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