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    Lazy dogs, Tom Cruise, All Blacks and me…

    Check out my dog, would you? He’s having a lazy Sunday morning doing what he loves best; being as close as he can to the bosom of the family, and sleeping. It’s like the dog equivalent to having a large coffee and a read of the Sunday papers which is what I’ve been doing for […]

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    I should be reading the morning papers right now…

    It’s Sunday morning and I’m up already, showered, dressed and breakfasted. And all before 7.30am. This, I might add, is a VERY rare occurrence for a Sunday. The ONE day I get to sleep in. The reason for this? We have Son#2’s rugby presentation day at 10am but first, I have to drive for an […]

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    I love Sunday. It’s my favorite day of the week. And this morning it is especially lovely; blue skies, sunshine and a warm breeze. Hence the reason I decided to eat breakfast outside. Bliss! Adding to the ambience, my unknown guitar-playing neighbour is practising a new piece of music this morning. It’s a wonderful soundtrack for the start of my […]

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