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    29/4: Music for Monday…

    Another Monday and the start of another week. Can you believe it’ll be May in two days?? The countdown has begun for school to start (this Wednesday, woohoo!) although I may be more excited about it than the boys are. The house will finally be mine! *cue manic laughing* Rooms will miraculously stay clean all […]

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    22/4: Music for Monday…

    Image: Channel 9 As regular readers of WSDN will already know, I am a self-professed watcher of the ‘The Voice’ on Channel 9. Last year I tuned in – mostly out of curiosity – and before I knew it, I (and the rest of the country) was hooked, ensuring my attendance in front of the […]

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    15/4: Music for Monday…

    Image source It’s day one of school holidays round these parts and so far, we’re travelling along pretty well. For the record, there have been no fights. No yelling or whining. Just calm waters and smooth sailing so far. This state of affairs isn’t due to any superior mothering skills on my part nor is […]

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