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    Hi, Noah? I was wondering if I could borrow something…

    Today, summer officially ended. Then the rain set in. And I resigned myself to another week of trying to work through the never-ending Mother Of Mountains that is our family’s ridiculously huge pile of dirty, smelly laundry. Impressively large at the best of times, when it rains I swear it doubles in size overnight. The only one who doesn’t mind this […]

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    The post where I’m all about school starting…

    With apologies to Eruption, I can’t stand the rain…. against my window….. because it means another day inside with boys who are stir crazy and oh-so-ready to go back to school! Plus it’s been so humid these last few days too. A sticky, clammy, why-did-I-bother-having-a-shower kind of humidity. I hate it. My temperamental dry hair has made its own stand against the ever-present […]

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