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    Breakdown, take down, you’re busted…

    Well, shit. Our old washing machine has carked it. Which is a real pain in the arse because we were only using it temporarily to buy The Provider some time so he could fix my other, newer, washing machine. Yes, that’s right. It’s newer… but it’s broken. Kinda like having a iPhone with a smashed screen. All show but no finish. *sigh* […]

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    Hi, Noah? I was wondering if I could borrow something…

    Today, summer officially ended. Then the rain set in. And I resigned myself to another week of trying to work through the never-ending Mother Of Mountains that is our family’s ridiculously huge pile of dirty, smelly laundry. Impressively large at the best of times, when it rains I swear it doubles in size overnight. The only one who doesn’t mind this […]

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