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  • What I Know Now: August Edition…
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    What I Know Now: August Edition…

    * We’re in the final week of winter, and I for one, cannot WAIT until the temperature rises so I don’t need a hot water bottle, flannelette pyjamas and the extra blanket on my bed just to stay warm! Quite the sexy mental picture I’m painting for you, I know, but needs must! Cold hands, […]

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    The National Disability Insurance Scheme

    I wanted to share this powerful post with you all today. It’s written by Kim from All Consuming and it sums up everything, from the importance of implementing the NDIS to the political posturing that’s been going on by various political leaders this week. Take the time to read it – and spread the word. We […]

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    Monday Mayhem…

    Are you ready for tomorrow? Packed with glitz, glamour, drama and/or intrigue… take your pick, there’ll be something for everyone. There are some definite perks about working from home – like being able to have the TV on to watch all the highlights (and possible lowlights!) of the stars on the red carpet! There’ll be more sets of Spanx Underwear walking the walk than publicists […]

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