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    Same, same… but different.

    Source I knew it as soon as I saw him walk with a barely controlled frustration across the crossing. All the signs were there. A tightness in the jaw. A slight redness around the eyes. And a real reluctance to talk or even look at me. The Black Cloud of Angst was overhead. Damn. Back […]

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    Boys & brains – one of these things is not like the other…

    School holidays.  Teenage boys.  More free time than they know what to do with.  This combination of factors is almost ALWAYS guaranteed to produce a ‘Seriously???’ moment. I’ll elaborate, shall I? Son #2 arrives home from a sleepover at a friends house. He’s wearing a cap but for some reason seems rather loathe to take […]

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    Where do bus passes go to die?

    Rise and shine! So, we’re up for another school day and I’m gently trying to hurry Mr 14 along. Like me, he is NOT a morning person. Especially today. He is mono-syllabic and moves with the urgency of a turtle. “Come on, mate. Don’t want to miss the bus.” He gives me a look that […]

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    An Open Letter to Young Teens…

    Stop sulking, take the headphones out of your ears, put your iPhone down and LISTEN. * Parents are not put on this planet simply to make your lives a living hell. That job belongs to some other lucky bastard, like your future boss or wife/husband. We make the decisions we make because we CARE about your wellbeing and safety. If we didn’t […]

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