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  • 04/09:  Music For Monday
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    04/09: Music For Monday

    Well, hello Spring! One of my most favourite times of the year. It’s a lazy Saturday morning as I write this and the sun is finally out, the upshot of that meaning it’s warm enough to walk around without slippers on! I’m still in my pyjamas and about to launch into a picture-perfect breakfast of […]

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  • 18/07:  Music for Monday…
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    18/07: Music for Monday…

    I’ve been writing in one form or another for what seems like forever. For pleasure and as part of my job. The joy of the written word has always resonated strongly within me, fostered and encouraged by my beautiful mother, a voracious reader like myself. Fellow readers will understand and appreciate our devotion to the […]

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  • 04/07:  Music for Monday …
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    04/07: Music for Monday …

    I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. Like forever. I literally cannot function without it taking up some part of my day. There is nothing else on the planet with the ability to get me smiling, moving, coping, thinking (or not-thinking, as the case might be) faster than time with a large […]

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    Why I’ll be a rock chick til I die…

    Especially when I go to concerts like this: Image: WSDN I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I bought the tickets before Christmas. Did I want to see Lenny in concert? HELL, YES. They were my Christmas present to me and I couldn’t help but congratulate myself over my brilliant choice of gift. Self-gifting is a practice I have followed for many years and […]

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    RIP Whitney Houston…

    From the moment I first heard That Voice, I was in total awe. What a gift. The sheer quality and power – simply stunning. Her voice was like no other; pure and strong yet edged with a sweetness that literally made your heart ache. Whitney’s songs were a part of my youth – I cannot tell you how many times my friends and I shook our collective booty’s […]

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