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    Earth Hour 2012

    It’s almost time! We’ve got all our candles ready for this year’s Earth Hour. Have you? In a little over half an hour we’ll be turning off the lights to join all the millions of people worldwide trying to raise awareness of climate change. I’ve always been a fan of candlelight (and not just because it casts a flattering […]

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    A nation weeps 🙁

    Oh, Christchurch. How my heart aches for you. I was working at home that Tuesday, up to my ears in bank reconciliations and BAS forms and oblivious to what was going on outside the four walls of my office. It was early afternoon when my mobile phone suddenly beeped. The message was from a close […]

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  • Have you ever seen rain?

    Large parts of Queensland and northern New South Wales have. And Victoria is next in line.  It was a deep, soaking and constant rain that literally fell within hours, quickly swamping ground already sodden from higher than usual December rains and rising to levels not seen in this country for over 100 years. The ensuing devastation and loss happens with a ferocity that […]

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    Now is the winter of our discontent…

    It starts with a tickle. Innocent enough. Could be anything, dust, something in the air. But soon, it progresses to a sneeze. And then another one. And another. A few minutes later, your eyes are watering like a rampant river and you realise – with a frustrated sigh – that it’s time to head to […]

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