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    Right here, write now

    Image source Gosh, hello. That self-imposed writing hiatus over the holidays lasted a little longer than I intended it to (and just when my blog’s stats were beginning to show signs of promise. Oh well). But as things so very often are around here, there’s been little time to stop and reflect on life and […]

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    19/11: Music for Monday…

    Mmmmm… just what I feel like. My mobile phone is ringing. It’s only 7.34am. Caller ID tells me it’s Son#2. “Mum? I’ve just run up to the bus stop but I missed the bus… and the next one won’t get here in time to get me to school. Can you take me? Sorry, Mum.” Damn. […]

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    Queen of (our) Hearts…

    Photo credit: Mario Testino It’s 15 years today. Incredible. I can’t believe so much time has passed since her death. I was lucky enough to actually meet Diana, once. It was a once-in-a-lifetime moment that was over so fast but to this day, the memory of how I felt feels as vivid as ever. The […]

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    Manners… coming to a house near you!

    Picture this if you will: An adult walks into a room in a not-too large centre where children are attending a physical activity class. The back wall is lined with chairs and all of these are full with people, both young and old. About half are parents with their other children, many of them pre-schoolers; the other seats are taken up […]

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