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    Music for Monday

    What a weekend. I need another two days to catch up on sleep. There was the usual rugby on Saturday and this week we were playing at a ground an hour’s drive away in the eastern suburbs. The weather wasn’t kind to us at all – winds were gale force and extremely icy, making life […]

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    Blue-arsed fly required…

    24 hours in a day are just NOT enough. Seriously. It’s been TWO WEEKS since I last posted anything here and I am FREAKING OUT. Are my readers still there? God, I sure hope so. So what’s been happening with me? I thought you’d never ask. Here’s just SOME of what I’ve done over the past […]

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    Breakdown, take down, you’re busted…

    Well, shit. Our old washing machine has carked it. Which is a real pain in the arse because we were only using it temporarily to buy The Provider some time so he could fix my other, newer, washing machine. Yes, that’s right. It’s newer… but it’s broken. Kinda like having a iPhone with a smashed screen. All show but no finish. *sigh* […]

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    Housework vs Health…

    My health has been less than fantastic over the last two days (and it was a huge weekend – my birthday on the Friday, another wedding on Saturday AND my wedding anniversary on Sunday… seriously, the timing of this really sucks) and apart from knowing that I felt like crap, the state of my house was a […]

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