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  • Getting away from it all… so you can remember how it was.
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    Getting away from it all… so you can remember how it was.

    I’m recently back from holidays this past week. It was the first chance I’ve had for a decent break (on my OWN!) after a particularly full-on year and I really needed some time away to recharge the batteries. I’m pretty easy-going when it comes to holidays, I’m happy just to get away! But I do […]

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    Music for Monday…

    I’ve always been a small-town girl. I like to think it’s the permanent imprint of New Zealand sending my heart a little reminder of where I came from every now and then. So I guess it must seem odd that this small-town girl lives in the bustling city – albeit in the heart of suburbia […]

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    Gone fishing…

    Source: The Age After months of waiting, that person reeling it in will soon be The Provider. Around this time tomorrow, he will be living his version of Bloke’s Paradise: a fishing rod in hand, a cold beer in the other, all the time in the world and plenty of other mates alongside to discuss […]

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    Rattle and Hum…

    Image Credit: Alamy We’re on the last week of school holidays here. The weather has been fantastic – up until today – so there’s been no cabin fever to speak of so far (although rain is scheduled for the rest of the week, ack!). It’s been wonderful to enjoy a peaceful morning without the usual early morning herding of boys into their day. […]

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