Chariot for sale… any offers considered.

It has been almost a year since I’ve posted anything here and, to be honest, I’m feeling pretty rusty in the writing department. Sometimes it isn’t like riding a bike. As much as you’d like it to be.

Not surprisingly, I wondered if the words would come out right, would I be able to string together some semblance of a coherent post and further to that, would anyone actually read it? In the end I decided it didn’t matter. I’ve always written for me anyway and was I really going to argue when my long-lost mojo got me to finally start tippy-tapping the keys on my laptop? Hell, no. Writing is writing, after all.

The timing of this post seems appropriate though, as we’re in the early stages of another Rugby World Cup. Rugby has been a big part of my life since the moment I was born. It’s my comfort, my long-time love, my constant; in fact pretty much my go-to when everything else becomes too goddamn hard to deal with. In rugby, I know where I am and that never changes.

So, two weeks into this RWC and there have been some amazing results – Japan have been the revelation of the Cup for mine, their historic win against South Africa will go down in the record books as the biggest upset ever! But this morning saw the departure of hosts England, soundly beaten in a pool game by a team of reignited, spirited Wallabies. Well done, Michael Cheika. Your boys did very, very well.

Social media humorists have been having a field day, as you would expect. There have been some absolute gems the past two weeks:

And they haven’t let us down after this morning’s result either:

GOLD. Man, there are some funny people out there.

So to all at the RWC, keep the awesome rugby coming. We love it! As an All Black supporter, I am a wee bit nervous about the games to come for our mighty Men in Black. Yes, we are ranked #1 but that means next to nothing come World Cup time. I am nervous, yet excited for our chances.

I think that is far more preferable to the alternative of strutting around like a dickhead and being cocky. English player Danny Cipriani is possibly only now discovering this after the ENGvAUS result. *snorts* Seriously, Danny? Throwing a statement out there like that was never going to end well.

Winning a Rugby World Cup is no small thing, as previous winners of the Webb Ellis trophy will attest. It takes courage, physical grunt, no small amount of mental fortitude and the belief of every man to do anything and everything to get over the line. Throw in a bit of luck too, especially once you get to the sudden death stages – all it takes is one foot wrong and BOOM. You’re out, see you in four years.

So I shall continue to keep the faith with Steve Hansen and his coaching staff. They know what they’re doing. This will now become my mantra for the remaining few weeks:

Go Black! Bring it on home.

Do you support a team in the Rugby World Cup? Or maybe you follow another sport… tell me all about it!

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