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I should be reading the morning papers right now…

It’s Sunday morning and I’m up already, showered, dressed and breakfasted. And all before 7.30am.

This, I might add, is a VERY rare occurrence for a Sunday. The ONE day I get to sleep in.

The reason for this? We have Son#2’s rugby presentation day at 10am but first, I have to drive for an hour and a half to pick him up from a rugby league camp. Because that’s what mothers of boys who play two winter sports do, right? Uh huh. Yes, we do.

But it’s not so bad. Sydney has put on a cracker of a day so far, blue skies and cool (but not icy) temps with the promise of more warmth as the day goes by. Spring weather at its best.

I will be among the beautiful rugby folk today, where no doubt the talk will turn to the results of the two international games last night. The All Blacks and the Wallabies came away the nights two victors. I was a pretty happy camper seeing the Men in Black prevail yet again, with my favourite player Richie McCaw having another impressive game, despite copping an forearm to the face. They don’t call him Captain Fantastic for nothing.

Happy Sunday!

What have you got planned for the day? 

5 responses to “I should be reading the morning papers right now…”

  1. Groovy Grandma Avatar
    Groovy Grandma

    What a good mother you are. Hope that M's games went well today and you are almost ready to come home and relax on the couch. Watched both games last night.The ABs got a bit of a shake-up in the first half I thought, but the 2nd half was much better. And the Wallabies managed to finally get their act togther as well so everyone should be feeling good.

  2. Kel Avatar

    My gosh you're keen, up and at 'em so early on a Sunday, well done! But you're right, it's what mums do. We had a lovely family day, beach, lunch at the club, 2hr drive home! Semi-bliss ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  3. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Thanks, GG. I do try! A good day was had by all, all medals and certificates handed out for a very successful season.

    Loved the AB's game last night – I thought they did much better in the second half too. Aaron Smith's try was a stunner! I was on my feet as he scored – H tells me from the other room "Mum, you're being too loud." LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Oh, your day sounded lovely! I do love me some time at the beach! Our day in comparison was long but very good – am now sitting down (finally!) with a well-deserved cuppa! Thanks for dropping by, Kelly ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  5. Groovy Grandma Avatar
    Groovy Grandma


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