Two games… two wins? Check and CHECK!

Huge rugby day yesterday. Massive. It’s the pointy end of the rugby season and Mr 14’s rugby team had made the semi-finals. The boys were well and truly pumped and raring to go. If I heard it once, I heard it several times on the field: ‘fire up, boys’ and fire up they most certainly did. The game was very physical but they ran out deserved winners, beating their opposition 29-19 and earning a place in the final in two weeks time. YEAH, BABY!

It set the scene for the rest of the day.

We raced home straight after because we had that other rugby fixture to attend… the much-awaited first game of 2012 between the All Blacks and the Wallabies. I was fit to burst with excitement – colour me pumped, people! I hadn’t been to see the All Blacks play live for far too long and this time I was sharing it with my equally rugby-mad son.

How cool does the stadium look at night?

One of the best decisions we made was catching the special event bus to the stadium. A direct benefit from hosting the Olympics in Sydney 2000, the buses run every time there’s a major sporting event at ANZ Stadium. It’s brilliant – no stress over driving or parking plus I had a lovely chat about all things rugby with the old bloke sitting beside me. I love that. Rugby people are so friendly.

Here we are singing the national anthems. Our section had a large and very vocal representation of All Black support, including a dude up behind us providing some great heckling moments (telling the rather pedantic Irish referee Alain Rolland ‘Mate, they didn’t come to see YOU!’) We couldn’t help but agree with him, there. Adding to the fun were multiple Mexican waves around the crowd, a few blow-up beach balls bouncing over thousands of hands (until security put an end to that by slashing them, boo!) and an atmosphere that was electric as well as good natured. Mr 14 couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. “This is AWESOME, Mum.”

Image – Getty Images

Cory Jane scores!   {Source}

Sonny Bill Williams in flight  –  Getty Images

Richie McCaw – Capt Fantastic – Photosport Images

The All Blacks, while not at their absolute best, were still far too classy for the mistake-ridden Wallabies, winning 27-19. I don’t think Kurtley Beale will look back on this game with much fondness – after several fumbles, the Aussies in the crowd were giving him stick every time he even touched the ball.

There were some brilliant performances from individual All Blacks – Israel Dagg looked dangerous every time he had the ball (a clear stand out for Man of the Match), Dan Carter was on target most of the night with his goal kicking as well as orchestrating several breaks in the field of play, Richie McCaw definitely made his mark with strong running and his usual skill around the ruck and Cory Jane again showed why he is such a natural on the wing, scoring the All Blacks’ second try.

We had a great night – as an avid rugby supporter, there really is nothing better than being in the crowd when your team is playing well. I’m going to call it now – look for even further improvement in the Men in Black when they meet the Wallabies again next week in New Zealand. That match, not surprisingly, is already a sellout.

Mr 14 and I will be watching the television with much interest. Go Black!!

Are you or your family sports fans? Have you taken your kids to see a game? What was the best part about it?

2 responses to “Two games… two wins? Check and CHECK!”

  1. The Kids Are All Right Avatar

    Sarah, this day and night in your life is what my husband can only dream of. With a very non-sporty wife and three girls, he is slowly rebuilding his dreams and coming to terms with a different future. I better not show him this post, as I fear it may set him back.

  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Haha! Poor man. 🙂 I can relate to your husband's position though, being the gender in minority! My boys are just lucky that I was born in New Zealand where rugby union is a way of life – I'm very used to having my day filled with sport!

    We had a fabulous time though – just wish we could see the AB's play more often!

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