You can’t win ’em all…

A sad fact, but it’s true. But try telling we fanatical rugby-watching All Black fans, breathless with anticipation for more glory after winning fifteen games straight. We’re a demanding lot, you see. Those magic men who pull on the revered black jumper are well aware of the expectation however, and indeed, relish the chance to feed it. And dare I say it, we’d become pretty plump of late. So it was not surprising when a few million cries of “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” echoed plaintively across the Tasman and joined my own wails of distress last Saturday night. OMG, say it ain’t so! The shock we were feeling was all-encompassing.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as I sat transfixed to my screen, unable to tear my eyes away while the unimaginable unfolded and the Wallabies stole an incredible victory over my beloved AB’s in the dying seconds of the game. Gah! The agony vs the ecstasy! It was sharp and bitter to taste and I can’t say I enjoyed it terribly much. Naturally, The Provider did though. Cheeky bastard. 🙂

But in the cool and clear light of a new week, I think it could actually be a blessing in disguise. This was the loss we needed to have because it means we haven’t peaked too soon. Statistically speaking, it’s almost impossible to win EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It just doesn’t happen; the odds are stacked against you right from the start. 15 wins in a row was probably pushing the envelope – and when you’re preparing for the Rugby Union World Cup in 2011, you want everything to be in alignment including statistical probability.

Being a winner all the time is not the way to go, obviously — the mathematical odds will always beat you in the end, it’s simply a matter of when. I give you Paul the Octopus – look what happened to him!

So look out you Wallabies. You might have got one over us this time, but we’ll be back. Tougher. Stronger. Faster. There’s only one thing more dangerous than an All Black side. And that’s an All Black side with something to prove, and 2011’s World Cup is the perfect place to do it. Bring it on, baby. *g*

2 responses to “You can’t win ’em all…”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I agree darling daughter – I was watching in bed as it was on very late ie after midnight – however i think that your reasoning is spot on – just watch out England – this week we will be very hard to beat – and Australia can wait – enjoy the feeling it won't happen again any time soon

  2. rosie Avatar

    Oh. Paul the Octopus? RIP, and may your tentacles forever be in our hearts (ewwww)

    Aw, Sarah! What a shame. The loss you had to have? It's like the recession we had to have! You're right though, we all have to lose sometime. You know I'm feeling your All Black pain, doncha? *g*


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