I’ve won a Sunshine Award!

“Thank you to all the members of the Academy, the Hollywood Foreign Press, my agent* and my parents… I’m beyond thrilled!”  *tearfully clutches award*

Okay, it’s NOT the Oscars but it’s an award nonetheless (and a blogging one, at that!) which makes it pretty damn special to me all the same. I’d like to give a big shout out to the delightful Ness of Boganville who bestowed this great honour upon WSDN and myself. THANKYOU! Most unexpected and very much appreciated.

The Sunshine Awards are given out by bloggers, for bloggers. They are awarded to those who positively and creatively inspire other bloggers in the blogosphere. 
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. Answer questions about yourself. Select 5 of your favourite bloggers, link their blogs to your post and let them know they have been awarded a Sunshine Award.

So, there’s questions? I can do questions. Ask away!

1. Favourite Time of the Year?  Seasonally speaking, I’d say summer/autumn. Nothing beats a warm breeze on a late February day. And despite the maniacal running around beforehand, I really DO love Christmas time. Family, food and fun. A winning trifecta.

2. Favourite Festive Movie?  I have a couple, actually. I’ve always loved the classics and ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ is certainly one of them, but for me Christmas isn’t really complete without the Griswold’s ‘Christmas Vacation’. Hilarious.

3. What is your Passion?  This question reminds me of when they used to ask the Miss World contestants what they’d wish for. I’m passionate about my family, my kids. About finding time for myself. Of writing when I can. Oh and a bit of world peace would be good too.

4. Favourite Colour?  I had my colours done once and found out I’m a winter girl. So I love vibrant colours – especially purple and red. That being said, I know I look good in black.

5. Favourite Time of Day? Definitely night time. I am a night owl from WAY back.

6. Favourite Flower? I had roses as a theme when I got married so I’d say them. But I am rather partial to big vase of princess lillies.

7. Favourite Non-Alcoholic Beverage? That’s a no-brainer. Coffee, without a shadow of a doubt. First thing I reach for in the morning.

8. Favourite Physical Activity?  Boxing. Not that I’ve done much of it lately. But it’s amazing how therapeutic punching the crap out of something can be. Not to mention calorie burning. Will get back to it in 2013. Promise.

9. Favourite Holiday? I love the beach. I’ll go anywhere where I can relax in a comfy chair by the water. That’ll be me channelling Audrey Hepburn in a cozzie, large sunhat and sunnies whilst reading a good book. BLISS.

Now it’s time to share the love, baby! I read a lot of awesome blogs and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. They are all worth your time to have a browse and a read. Tell ’em I sent you! (You were supposed to tag 10 blogs on the original instructions but I’ve cut it down to 5 due to time constraints!)

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If you’ve already been tagged or haven’t got time to play along, don’t feel obliged to! Tis the Season and all that.

Enjoy your weekends, people. What have you got planned?

4 responses to “I’ve won a Sunshine Award!”

  1. Ness Avatar

    I think I like the sound of Boxing! I may give it go, myself. It may also be good for my boys to have a puncing bag instead of each other lol

    Great answers. x

  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    We have a punching bag at home as well and the boys regularly go out and give a good serve or two! Thanks for the award too, btw – made my day! x

  3. Mumabulous Avatar

    I love the sound of channeling Audrey Hepburn anywhere anyhow! I recently purchased a sun hat the size of a satellite dish but sadly I feel like a satellite dish rather than Audrey.
    All the best to you for the festive season. Thanks again for nominating me.

  4. 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle Avatar

    Definitely a beach holiday, and I am so with you on the coffee (although of late I have drunk so much cranberry juice I've considered buying shares). Have a fantastic Christmas Sarah, we're heading up to Renmark today and are in the midst of packing up so I may not get to this – loved reading yours xx

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