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Ice, ice, baby…

We had the mother of all storms in Sydney yesterday. Gale force winds of over 120km an hour were recorded on the coast. And this morning it’s still raining and very cold, about 12 degrees if we’re lucky. Winter, she has ARRIVED.

This weekend I am off to Orange with Son #2 for the NSW Junior Rugby State Champs. Imagine my excitement when I saw the average morning temperature they’ve been enjoying up there lately: -3 degrees. Yes, you read it right – MINUS THREE DEGREES. *bristles* However, there was some good news too – NO RAIN is forecast for the whole weekend. So it’ll be cold, clear and sunny. I can definitely live with that.

Image Credit: Scott Gilbank
Our rep side received their brand-spanking-new kit at training tonight – shorts, socks, training shirt, jersey and team hoodie. *wolf whistles* Mah Boyz are gonna look so sharp when they run out onto that frozen-solid field! Hearts will break and women will weep at the sight. Son #2 meanwhile is totally pumped about the upcoming weekend; you should’ve seen him. Laid out his new kit almost reverently on the table for his father to look at when we got home. Hilarious. 
Tomorrow, I have to pack. And buy a few last minute things I’ve got written on my list (of course). And make sure everything at home is sorted for the other boys staying home. We leave on Friday morning which means there’s just two sleeps to go. I can’t help but feel more than a little excited at the prospect of this trip because the way I see it, a weekend away is a weekend away, right?! And holy crap, it’s been a bloody long while since I had one of those.
This weekend most of Australia will be celebrating the Queen’s Birthday (hip, hip, hooray!) with a three day break – what will YOU be doing?

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