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If it’s not on, it’s not ON…

High school homework gives rise to some funny conversations with your kids sometimes. Take the one the Provider and I had with Mr 14 last night, for example.

He was finishing an assignment about contraception. They had to design an advertisement about their contraceptive product of choice for either radio, television or print media. It took him a while to work out which product he was going to choose but eventually he settled on condoms.

The next 15 minutes were hilarious (for The Provider and I) and probably embarrassing (for Mr 14) as we brainstormed what we thought could be cool and hip brand names for these condoms. Lusty Rubbers? The Cock Sock? Or how about my own personal favourite, Funky Frangers? LOL. Poor M. He was torn between laughing and feeling very self-conscious. “This is so weird talking like this with you guys.”

For the record, I loved it. Some days the perks of parenthood are few and far between and I felt it was brilliant to talk about this particular subject in a way that was less about having ‘the talk’ and more about having fun but still getting the message across.

The laughs didn’t end there though. As part of his research, we looked on the internet for some design ideas and came across this very clever and funny condom commercial. Seriously, there are some ridiculously clever people who work in the world of advertising. My pelvic floor got a great workout as I giggled continuously while watching. Check it out for yourself… oh, and I’d rate it ‘marginal’ for work safety – possibly better to watch in private!

I hope Mr 14’s teacher finds his assignment to his liking. I saw the finished result just before M rolled it up to take in to class today. I have a feeling that marking those particular assignments will be very entertaining!

What’s the funniest commercial you’ve ever seen? Share the love here!

4 responses to “If it’s not on, it’s not ON…”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi Sarah, loved the writing, loved the story it told but the vid would not let me see it…barred for me to see in this country..copyright. thanks for the entertaining read. Lois

  2. Groovy Grandma Avatar
    Groovy Grandma

    Laughed my head off. had already seen the Video and thought it told the message very well. Would like to be a fly on the wall while the teacher read all the assignments. A good way to talk to Mr M about an embarrassing subject without him backing away in horror. I bet he also remembers the message.

  3. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Oh, sorry about the video barring! If you search Youtube for 'Funny Condom Ad' yourself, you might be able to see it – worth a shot!

    Thanks for your lovely feedback, Lois!

  4. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    I loved that ad! Very, very clever. As M handed in the assignment he said: "Man, do you know what I had to go through to do this assignment? So embarrassing!" The teacher just cracked up, as did I when M told me! And you're right – he will definitely remember the message!

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