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The post where I’m all about school starting…

With apologies to Eruption, I can’t stand the rain…. against my window….. because it means another day inside with boys who are stir crazy and oh-so-ready to go back to school!

Plus it’s been so humid these last few days too. A sticky, clammy, why-did-I-bother-having-a-shower kind of humidity. I hate it. My temperamental dry hair has made its own stand against the ever-present moisture by frizzing at every opportunity, killing off any thoughts I might have had about drying it straight. Consequently, the old ponytail is the only course of action but means I often get headaches near the end of the day… perhaps I have it in too tight? *sigh*

The main reason though, is the effect this weather has on the Blokes Wot Live Here. It’s that niggly last week of the long Dec/Jan break and they’re all a bit over it, I think. While we have had many a sleepover during these holidays, the boys are missing their friends, the routine and structure of the normal school day and generally are restless being at home. Since we don’t have a tree with green bills hanging off it in our back yard (I wish!) they’ve had to settle for cheap and/or free types of activities to amuse themselves. Naturally ‘annoying your brother’ has firmed as the favourite form of entertainment, FFS.

However, we’ve had a couple of birthdays this week which helped bring a bit of excitement into the house – sons #1 & 2 celebrated turned 23 and 14 respectively. Son #1 is freaking out about feeling ‘ancient’ (much hilarity ensued between The Provider and I over that, lol) whereas Son #2 can’t wait to race through the next few years when he’ll be older. Heh. Remember those days?

We’re back to normal daily life next week – and I will finally get my house back to myself. Serenity and calm will reign. And the place will stay clean for more than 5 minutes. *dances* As a good friend of mine always says to her kids at this time of the year: “I love you but get the hell out of my house.”

Yeah. What she said.

4 responses to “The post where I’m all about school starting…”

  1. Fiona Avatar

    Oh yeah. I'm right there with you! One reason I love Melbourne is low humidity. It's much kinder on my hair. Today we've had a bit of humidity in the early part of the day when my hair is setting its own tone for the day. Today it's decided to be a 'fro – so I'm glad it's time for bed!

    I'm ready for my space to be emptied of hot sweaty bored bodies. Yes please to some structure and, hopefully, sanity. I think I'm finally ready for the year to begin! Thanks for the laughs Sarah!

  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    My hair LOVES Melbourne, Fi. I'd live there permanently, if it wasn't so far away from Sydney, lol.

    Yes to being ready for 2012 to begin. When I looked at all the broad smiles on mother's faces at school drop-off this morning, I'd say there are plenty of us sharing that same opinion! 🙂

  3. TAFE Avatar

    Racing through a few years! Lol Your blog is great and has a homely feel about it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Hello and welcome! And thank you for your kind words too, by the way – it's always wonderful when people take the time to leave a message! 🙂

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