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You have GOT to be kidding me…

It’s been said by someone (I have no idea whom) that if you have a son and you manage to keep him alive until the age of 25, you’ve done a good job. That person was clearly very smart.
As a parent, I have been witness to many silly decisions made by my three sons over the years. They have (thankfully) lived and (hopefully) learned from their mistakes so far. I am certain they will make a few more dumb moves before they are grown – young people always do – but I pray that none of them ever tempts fate like this:

See the boy on the ledge? Meet 18 year old Schoolie* Cameron Cox. He’s drunk and as a consequence, is feeling rather tired and emotional. His alcohol-addled brain is telling him to have a sleep, but instead of going to bed he elects to climb out the window and lie on the ledge of his hotel room “for the thrill and to get some fresh air.” A person in the room opposite takes a picture and posts it on social media site Instagram.

What this photo doesn’t show you is that Cameron’s room is on the 11TH FLOOR OF THE HOTEL BUILDING.

The fucking eleventh floor. Even typing that is making my head spin. I feel sick just thinking about it. One slight roll to the right would have seen him fall to his death. An ugly, unnecessary and totally preventable death. Imagine how devastating that would be for his family and friends.

For his part, Cameron doesn’t seem to realise how close he came to dying. He says, “I didn’t think it would get this much attention. My Dad might be a bit angry when he finds out, but we’ll see.”

Jeez, Cam, ya think?? I want to slap you on his behalf, just to see if that knocks some sense into you! The poor man will probably grab you close and hold you tight for a long, long time before letting go and then wanting to kill you for being so bloody stupid!

As it turns out, Cameron may find out what his Dad thinks sooner rather than later. The hotel has since discovered Cameron’s identity and earlier today evicted him from the premises. Looks like Schoolies is going to be over for Cam.

Quite frankly, that’s the least of his worries. He’s very, VERY lucky to have survived it at ALL.

Schoolies Week is in full swing here in Australia and thousands of school leavers have travelled to the Gold Coast, Byron Bay or even Bali for a week of celebrations. I grew up in New Zealand where Schoolies is not the norm, so this whole ‘leave home and your parent’s rules for an alcohol-soaked week away with your mates’ concept is totally foreign to me. FFS, I remember arguing with my parents to be allowed out until 11.30pm for one night the day school finished!

Did you go to Schoolies when you finished school? Where did you go? And for those readers who live out of Australia, do your high school graduates have any similar kind of holidays?

9 responses to “You have GOT to be kidding me…”

  1. Mumabulous Avatar

    If he did roll off it would be one for the Darwin awards.

  2. Fiona Avatar

    Oh I'm so with Mumabulous! The whole schoolies thing scares me. I hope I guide my kids to celebrating SOME OTHER WAY!

  3. Deb Avatar

    I saw this on the news yesterday (and again today). He still seems very unrepentant. I'm sure I've done some silly things when drunk, but god forbid!!!!???

  4. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Definitely, yes! Every year I read them and they never fail to come up with the goods!

  5. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Because I never grew up here, I find the whole schoolies thing VERY scary. The coverage of their antics on the news every night doesn't do much to assuage my fears, either! And some kids are going to Bali, of all places, for schoolies. THAT just chills me to the bone. *shudders*

  6. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    You wonder about how many brain cells are actually active in some young people, don't you? That particular boy is very lucky – it could easily have been so much worse. Perhaps when he is older and more mature, he *might* realise what a lucky escape he had (although I'm not holding my breath).

  7. Fiona Avatar

    This schoolies thing wasn't around when I was finishing school, at least not to the degree it is now. I'm hoping my kids won't be interested. I think I'm going to offer them money, or suggest other (safe) ways of celebrating. Ridiculous!

  8. The Kids Are All Right Avatar

    I wonder if the Gold Coast hotels will stop allowing Schoolies to stay? Obviously they'd like the business, but with kids like Cameron as well as Thursday's tragedy, I imagine they may be thinking the risks aren't worth it. I did go to Schoolies on the Gold Coast – 20 years ago! – and we stayed in a caravan. I don't remember the hotels allowing school kids.

  9. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    It's just dreadful, the tragic news of Thursday. I feel so, so sad for her family. If there is an silver lining, it might just be the news that makes Cameron realise how easily it could have been different for him. I'm sure his parents will have already made that connection.

    It really IS a risk for hotels, isn't it? There'd be some who wouldn't take schoolies now, I suspect.

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