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Hi, Noah? I was wondering if I could borrow something…

Today, summer officially ended. Then the rain set in.

And I resigned myself to another week of trying to work through the never-ending Mother Of Mountains that is our family’s ridiculously huge pile of dirty, smelly laundry. Impressively large at the best of times, when it rains I swear it doubles in size overnight.

The only one who doesn’t mind this is Spencer. To him, MOM represents all that is good and great about living with people. Because they sweat. And they stink up stuff. He thinks it’s FANTASTIC. And it can never be too sweaty or too smelly.

You should see him when I open the laundry door — he’s straight in there, sniffing and smelling, before plonking himself down right in the middle of it with a deliriously happy snort. One of his fave items are the Provider’s stench-ridden work socks; he buries his nose in them. I think he’s crazy. He’s thinks he’s the luckiest dog in town.

As I type this we have rain, rain, and even more rain lashing our city and state. And more is forecast to come, FFS, if that’s even possible. They’re even saying that the main dam in Sydney could overflow. Remember the days of water restrictions and not being allowed to use the hose to wash your car? And how we all snorted at that, because using buckets wasted heaps more water than the hose ever did? *sigh* Oh irony, thy is cruel and unfair.

Son #2 is getting a more than a little peeved about the crap weather too. Training after training has been cancelled, fuelling his annoyance. He has been desperate to get out on the rugby field again. “Oh what? It’s cancelled? Again? You’re kidding me. It’s supposed to be summer!”

Well yes, darling it is, but summer has gone on hiatus this year. Hopefully, she’ll not forget us next time. Still a few people around with a sense of humour though. After cancelling training for the second time in a row, Son #2’s rugby coach joked that we’d all be kayaking instead next week.

I laughed when I read his text. But then thought, shit. At this rate, he mightn’t be that far wrong.

Stay dry, darlings.

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  1. Groovy Grandma Avatar
    Groovy Grandma

    Guess what – It is also raining cats and dogs over here as well – really heavy drumming on the roof rain. Thank goodness I remembered to bring in MY washing last night, and I don't have the avalanche of daily dirty clothes that you do. However there is always a silver lining, and it sounds as though Spencer has found it. It has to stop sooner or later – preferably sooner.

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