IT is the new black…

I have a new appreciation today for anyone who is fully conversant in the language of IT. As in Information Technology. Computers. Take it from me, you’re all bloody amazing. IT brainiacs are the new black, people… the next big thing, the ducks NUTS. Because without them, our technologically charged lives cease to run the way they’re supposed to if there’s a problem.

I’m pretty much self taught in all things computer related and that has mostly served me well over the years. I’m on the computer most days with my job so you pick up things as you go, but the little scenario I found myself in was a doozy and fell well outside of my scope of knowledge.

As these things so often do, it all started because of a ridiculous rookie error on my part involving my credit card and the registration of my domain name expiring. The resulting domino effect that ensued afterward threw me into an IT hell/limbo for weeks, the final kicker of this minor miscalculation saw my website being taken offline.

Uh, excuse me? SAY IT AIN’T SO!

Despite my numerous, desperate emails to relevant Google department people for help (because wouldn’t you know it, there is no phone number to a flesh and blood person you can actually TALK to) and receiving formulaic replies with links to instructions I couldn’t follow, I became more confused and increasingly frustrated. Have you seen those GIFS of a person throwing their computer at the wall? That was me. Except for the part of actually doing it because well, you know, that would be silly. And expensive. But boy oh boy, I REALLY felt like it.

But then a miracle happened…. I found Troy. *cue choir of heavenly angels*

Troy is a legend. Troy works for a company that my boss uses for all our company IT needs. He’s one of those guys who is super smart with the assured attitude of a computer whisperer who knows his IT shit. We all need a guy like Troy. He did not once ridicule me for my lack of knowledge, snigger under his breath at my layman’s explanation of the problem, or even tut-tut at my occasional lack of correct terminology. Oh no. Not Troy.

In short, he was awesome. Problem solved in a mere 20 minutes! Wham bam, thank you ma’am! I cannot tell you the relief I felt when I saw my website load onto the screen again. Welcome back, baby.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Troy!! Thank you for your brain, your patience and your sense of humour while dealing with this slightly frazzled blogger. So very much appreciated, mate.

I feel like I need to send Troy a case of whatever he drinks. Whatever your average tech genius drinks these days.

So how about you guys? Are you computer literate? 
Do you know your DNS from your URL? 
Or is it all double dutch to you too?

2 responses to “IT is the new black…”

  1. Robin Avatar

    You obviously get you expertise from you mother who is much worse than you – although in mitigation I will agree that I am much older.

  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Ha! Oh I think I do alright for most things computer-related… however it's nice to know there are people like Troy around to do the heavy lifting, so to speak! xx

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