A royal dilemma…

Meet our beloved Princess, the short-haired Diva of the House, shown here flat out working the ‘I haven’t a care in the world’ look.

And these are just some of the local birdlife who have been frequenting our back lawn for the tasty spoils of someone’s uneaten crusts of breakfast toast or the few handfuls of wild bird seed mix I’ve been throwing out on the grass every day to encourage them to congregate. We get rainbow lorikeets, sparrows, waxeyes and magpies, the latter extra specially great because they eat pests from the lawn and keep the scourge of indian myna birds at bay. And they have such a lovely warbling tune, so uniquely Australian. *g*
However, this sudden influx of birds has been a source of irritation and/or frustration for our furry majestic one. She has her pride, after all. Note the attempt to assert authority over backyard as seen here:

And here:

It’s almost too much for a royal Miss to bear, really. I couldn’t help but laugh though, watching her. It was like she was saying to them: “I could have you, I totally could. But I choose NOT to. Just FYI.”
Well… either that or she simply can’t be bothered, LOL.

Happy Weekends, everyone!

2 responses to “A royal dilemma…”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    BWAH! That's a hilarious story. Thanks for the share, there, Sare.
    Maybe if she was a bit more hungry and those birds were closer….she might consider actually getting into stalk pose for a while before falling sideways again. Snort.

  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    It really is very funny, Sarah; watching her stalk around the backyard trying to be all stealthy-like, lol. *g*

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