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07/12: Music for Monday…

There’s something special about the idea of true love, isn’t there? Who doesn’t relish the thought of being swept off their feet? The inner dreamy, Piscean girl that I am is a huge fan of that notion and always has been. It’s a wonderful thought, that’s for sure. Gets me every time. Also possibly explains the large number of historical bodice-ripper romance novels on my bookshelf too, just quietly.

While on holidays recently, I had a moment of true love. Like, INSTANT true love. But not in the way you’d expect. I saw a photograph in my Dad’s photo album that stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on it. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

The gorgeous couple in the full flush of young love are my father’s parents in Germany circa 1932. My father would have been a newborn baby around the time this was taken. There are so many things about this picture I love; how my grandfather’s hand tenderly cradles my grandmother’s face, how she literally glows with happiness while posing for the photographer, how you can almost ‘see’ the emotional connection between them. True love right there. And all the more incredible when you consider the time they lived in.
The world was very different place in 1932. The Great Depression was in full force. Unemployment was rife. Support was growing for the Nazi and Communist parties. Life was hard and money was tight. Good news was hard to come by. And unbeknownst to them, the worst was still to come. 7 years later World War II set in motion events that would dramatically change the landscape of the world forever. 
Somehow, perhaps even despite what was going on around them, they were still able to find the good in their lives together. Their relationship (and their son, my Dad) was the joy that their lives revolved around. It certainly would have made dealing with the craziness of the world they lived in a lot more bearable.

So I look at that black and white photograph and can’t help but smile. It makes me feel happy and hopeful, too.

In my experience, a true connection between two people is rare; once discovered you can’t deny its existence any more than you can stop breathing, the feelings it conjures within are that intense. 

Which brings me to today’s Music for Monday offering from singer/songwriter, Vance Joy. He writes and sings so beautifully about matters of the heart and this song is particularly apt for today’s post. Anywhere I go, there you are. Oh yes, indeed.
                                                            You’re the fire and the flood
                                                        And I’ll always feel you in my blood
                                                                  Everything is fine
                                                       When your hand’s resting next to mine
                                                                     Next to mine
                                                           You’re the fire and the flood

Vance Joy – Fire and the Flood

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