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Family ties…

Anyone who knows me well will attest to the fact that I absolutely love to travel. I’ve noticed this love affair with travel seems to be increasing as I get older — I’m reasonably sure that has some kind of significance — and I’ve been very lucky to have racked up quite a few frequent flier miles over the last couple of years.

Only last month I enjoyed a short but fabulous 36 hours in Melbourne to see my brother and his family who were there holidaying from New Zealand. It all came about at the very last-minute but it was totally worth the effort and expense (which was small, thanks to cheap interstate flights!) 

(Just a little aside here – because of the spontaneous nature of this trip, I should make mention of The Provider, a man I’m very fortunate to be married to, who had no issue with his wife jetting off for a couple of days and leaving the Blokes Wot Live Here to their own devices. And they managed quite nicely too, thanks very much.)

Here though, is the reason for my trip — cast your eyes over this picture of the totally edible tootsies belonging to the delicious Sweet Pea, my 10 month old niece. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

She has grown so much in the months since I saw her last — a little personality shining through — this will be a girl who does NOT want to miss a thing, let me tell you! A credit to her parents, the Sweet Pea is truly a beautiful wee person, with the winning combination of a cheeky grin and her mother’s stunning blue eyes, all framed by a riot of golden hair.

I took a mass of pictures over the weekend (as per instructions from the Groovy Grandma, naturally!) but it’s this particular shot that makes me smile every time I see it. I love how her toes grip the floor. And the line of the wrinkle on her ankles. But I especially love it because she has the same chunky shape my boys did when they were little, too. *g*

3 responses to “Family ties…”

  1. Groovy Grannie Avatar
    Groovy Grannie

    You are so right – the sweet pea is totally plumpious. and very elegant in all her poses. I am sure she will grow up to be a very personable young woman –

  2. Rosie Avatar

    The gripping of the toes on the floors is a gorgeous touch, Sarah. A lovely account of visiting the cheeky one with the cute personality. Thanks for the share, you and I hope all is well x

  3. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    She's a beautiful wee thing and I loved the time (however short) I had to spend with her. Worth the trip to see you too, Rosie. *hugs*

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