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Greetings from the couch….

After all the planning and organising, Christmas is over for another year, can you believe it? Talk about blink and you’d miss it. Mountains of wrapping paper that took me AGES to wrap around a multitude of presents has finally found its way to the recycling bin, joining the *ahem* slightly larger than usual number of empty bottles and aluminum cans. To be fair, I must mention that we had fourteen to sit down for Christmas lunch. It’s not called Merry Christmas for nothing. *g*

But now another day has dawned in the Korol household, bringing with it a languid, peaceful lull that is always welcomed after the mad rush of the weeks before — or maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. After being in a semi-permanent state of organisational stress, I’m just relishing the knowledge that it’s bloody nice to Simply. Do. Nothing. I had already pre-warned all the Blokes Wot Live Here that on Boxing Day I wasn’t lifting a finger at all, and by golly, I’ve stuck to my word. The couch and I have become gleefully re-acquainted; we’ve embraced each other like long-lost friends at our first high school reunion. *g*

Number 2 son has temporarily vacated the premises to stay at his cousin’s place for the night, so perhaps that’s why it seems extra specially quiet here today. Not that I’m complaining. On the contrary. I’ve blogged, checked Facebook several times, replied to emails, browsed eBay and Gumtree for post-Christmas bargains (it never ceases to amaze me what people put up to sell!) and watched about three minutes of TV to see that the wheels have well and truly fallen off the Aussie cricketers wagon (again) – it was 8/77 when *I* last looked. The poor old Provider was less than impressed, yet didn’t budge from his comfortable horizontal position in front of the TV… rest for the post-Christmas body a bigger attraction than reaching for the remote it seems, lol.

I hope you guys all enjoyed your Christmas wherever you spent it and that Santa was good to you. Thanks for all your feedback on this blog too. I really appreciate it! Before I go for today though, let me leave you with this question – are you ready for the week to come before the next big celebration of New Year’s Eve?

Me? I have a feeling it’s just as well our recycling bin gets emptied before then. LOL.

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