Kia Ora!

This is Blenheim, where my mother – the Groovy Grandma – lives. It is a small town situated near the top of New Zealand’s south island and lies smack bang in the middle of the Marlborough wine district, an area well-known for its world-class savignon blancs. It is also, very fortuitously for me, the home of Oyster Bay wines… so you can bet I’ll be popping over for a wee visit before I leave here. *g*

Today, however, finds the rain beating a rhythmic thrum on the roof of my mother’s house so we have planned to spend a day inside. Our gorgeous Sweet Pea has been fed and wrapped; currently she is enjoying a cuddle with the Groovy Grandma whilst waiting for some pesky hiccups to subside. The contented look on my mother’s face says it all. :o)

Seriously, you can’t get better than this. I feel very lucky to share these special early days; you really can’t put a price on things like that, can you? My brother is a very happy man these days – and rightly so. It’s a pretty awesome thing when all the planets align and life just works. Meeting the Gorgeous Girl for the first time has been a joy for me, too – I am thrilled to reveal she is truly as her moniker here suggests. It seems incredible to say but even though I’ve only known her for a few days, it seems like we are already close – she has a warm heart and a beautiful soul and along with their Sweet Pea, I just love them already. *g* It will be very hard to say goodbye to this new little family when they leave for home on Monday. 🙁

Spoke to The Provider last night and it sounds like things are running (more or less) like clockwork… he has even fixed a few things around the house that I have been waiting for him to do for a looong time so perhaps this means I need to go away more often! LOL. Nice to know that they’re all okay, though… means I can relax a little easier. *g*

4 responses to “Kia Ora!”

  1. Tina Avatar

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Nothing better than cuddling a newborn baby. Enjoy every moment of your holiday. You know the boys will survive without you!!

  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Hello lovely! Yes, you are quite right – the boys will cope very nicely without me for a little while and I think it does them the world of good actually, to have the routine decided by Dad for a change. *g*

    Cuddling newborns has always been fabulous – but even more so now that my baby-making days are behind me… you can hand them back when you're done, lol.

  3. Rosie Avatar

    This is beautiful Sarah. The setting, your time with family, your description of the gorgeous girl and new niece.

    Enjoy it, my friend. Life is to short not to stop and really appreciate what is important when we have the chance. Even though priorities change and practicalities are vital, the arrival of new life and the chance for you to stop with them for a moment, is more vital than anything.

    Kia Ora.

  4. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Hello petal. *g* You hit the nail right on the head when you say life's too short to miss times like these – you only get one chance to be there!

    I think we all get a little bit caught up with day-to-day stuff (I know I'm guilty of that at times) – so it's great to stop and take a few moments to savour and enjoy.

    They left for home today and we miss them heaps already!


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