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So… whattaya know?

‘Tis the season. My life is jam-packed full of ‘stuff’ at present; some important, some annoying, some minor and of course, other stuff that is just downright bloody ridiculous. We all seem to have this kind of ‘stuff’ in our lives, don’t we? Especially in December. My mind is working in bullet point form today so here a few thoughts about some of the things I know:

  • Nine days in and summer seems to have forgotten us.

What the hell is with that? Instead of gorgeous summer days we’re renowned for at this time of year, Mother Nature has instead dished out torrential rain and cold winds. It’s like Christmas in July but in December. FFS. Let’s hope it warms up soon or my house may be overtaken by the ever-increasing piles of dirty laundry that the Blokes Wot Live Here are so dedicated in supplying. *sigh*

  •  The boys have only one more week of school.

*calculates* OMG. Which means I have little to NO time left to shop for the little buggers. I do, however, have a plan and a solid list (as you’d expect, lol) so even at this late stage I am still confident of getting it all done. I can shop the absolute bejesus out of a shopping mall if required to, let me tell ya! Not a big fan of this method but when under the pump, you do what you gotta do, right?

  • I have finally painted the rumpus ceiling.

And in the process saved a lot of money. Which is kind of helping with the muscle soreness I’m feeling in my triceps, neck and shoulders. Ceiling looks bloody awesome though and now means we can rip the carpet up and get much-wanted timber flooring installed. Lovely man at flooring shop made my day when he told me they can squeeze my job in NEXT WEEK. *dances*

  • My mother, the Groovy Grandma, arrives next Sunday, the 18th.

She’s staying for almost 6 weeks (woo hoo!) so the gender balance in the house will be changed a little more in my favour. Noice. This will mean more girly lunches and coffees out and about; always a good thing. She’ll be here for my two oldest boys birthday’s in January. Plus she’s great for lending a helping hand without being asked and provides lovely chat over a nice cuppa. What more can you ask of a house guest?

  • I have just booked a week away for the family in January.

Yay!! I was a little worried I’d left my run too late this year but was lucky enough to snag a lovely place in Fingal Bay, Port Stephens. The area has water that is the most amazing colour; the kind of place where you can do a lot, or nothing at all; it’s all about whatever you fancy. I’ll be the one on the beach with a book, reclining on a beach towel and looking all Audrey Hepburn with sunglasses and large sun hat. 🙂

Enjoy the weekend, darlings. Only 14 sleeps to go!

2 responses to “So… whattaya know?”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Oh honey. You've been a super busy lady!
    Let me know if you want help with the Christmas shopping.

  2. Groovy Grandma Avatar
    Groovy Grandma

    I read the above – and know exactly how you are. Today is Sunday so this time next week I will be getting on the big Bird and flying over to Sidney for my much anticipated holiday. i have finally finished the sewing 10 minutes ago, still have the house to organise as I am renting it out while i am away, and yes it is raining too, still have to 'do' Christmas lunch with the Wednesday S & B ladies, and again the next day for the Thursday Stitchers, and try and pack everything in my suitcase including pressies for 25/12 and 24/1 and 28/1, so i am hoping that it stops raining as I can only squeeze in summer clothes

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