Wait a minute!

Yes, I’m talking to you… WAIT!

We all have to do it several times every day, be it for the barista to make our morning coffee, for the traffic lights to turn green, for the young female teller at the bank to actually serve someone or, for the woman who lives in my neighbourhood trying to parallel park her massive European 4WD with a series of 18 point turns. *facepalm* Seriously. I’m dying to tell her to get out and let ME park it for her.

Some people are better at waiting than others. Are they just used to it? Is it a temperament thing? And are women better at waiting than men? Not sure about that one. I’m usually pretty easy-going with the whole waiting thing but this week has been filled to the brim with waiting, testing even my (normally) cool head.

Waiting for my internet to connect/speed up/just-bloody-go-goddammit!, waiting for the boys to do whatever-the-hell-it-is-that-I’ve-asked-them-to-do, waiting for that particular person to transfer that payment as promised… or waiting for our accountant to get back to us and break it (hopefully, very gently) to The Provider and I exactly how much we have to pay Kev and the Tax Office this year. *resigned sigh* .

This, naturally, will lead to the next thing – waiting for The Provider to start the inevitable stressing out over the news… WHATEVER it is. *rolls eyes* Give me strength. My half-hearted (and clearly unwise, lol) attempt to lighten the mood with a quip that ‘it was only money and we should keep things in perspective… others are worse off than we are, you know’ was NOT received very well. *coughs*

But, there is one good thing (thank God!) that will be definitely worth waiting for and that is the news that my newest niece/nephew has arrived into the world! *bounces* My brother, JT, and his Gorgeous Girl are going to be first-time parents ANY DAY now. This momentous occasion has been a loooong time in coming so as you can imagine, excitement levels are almost to the point of global warming. Booties and matinee jackets are being knitted… clothing in gender non-specific lemon, soft green and white are being amassed… toys and baby paraphenalia are being stock-piled…. whilst we’re all desperately trying not to phone/email/text them with the sixty-four-thousand dollar question: ‘Is the baby here yet?’ LOL.

As it always does, time will tell. And so the wait continues. :o)

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  1. Maureen Avatar

    Hi, Sarah!

    How exciting about your brother and his girlfriend having a baby very soon! Is it the first time you're going to be an aunt? Do they know the sex of the baby? Are they keeping it secret until the little one is born?

    LOL. So many questions.

    Our patience is often being tested, isn't it? I think it's because time flies by, and we've become more and more impatient over the years — because society wants everything to go faster. Services should be accessible with the snap of your fingers. We take a lot of things for granted. But when these things don't work, we feel…helpless, maybe?

    That's why it's good to know nature still remains a bit "uncontrolled". Yes, pregnancy still lasts for 9 months, and Thank God for that. *g* It's nice to let nature do its work, and take the time to breathe and smell the air around you.

    Congrats to the parents-to-be, and have a lovely week!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    OMG. It's you! *tackle hugs* How did I not know that you had a blog? Stalking… oops! I mean FOLLOWING you now. ♥

  3. rosie Avatar

    Hi darls. Looking very forward to hearing about the new addy to the family. Hope things are well up there and that there's not too much tax time stress.

    Waiting sux. Just saying 😉

    Have a good week, petal

  4. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    @Maureen – hello! Glad to see you in here, hon. I'm an auntie already, as The Provider's sister has 4 children, three boys and a girl. No-one knows the sex of this much-wanted babe (including the parents) so it will be a wonderful surprise for all of us when he/she arrives. *g*

    @Tanya – Ta da! I figured all the happening chicks had their own blogs, so who am I to buck the trend? LOL. I'm following yours too, petal and have shamelessly stolen your post-it note idea for myself. *g*

    @Rosie – new babies are so exciting, aren't they? Especially when it's not ME having them, lol.

    Tax time sux, IMO. I will be glad when all that stuff is done and dusted. 🙂

    Sorry you missed out on your meeting with the arty girl… Starbucks must be devastated. Oh and give my love to the two divas! x

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