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Dance like there’s nobody watching…

The Ninja Boy is currently in his final year at primary school. He is my youngest child, teetering on the brink of teenage-dom. The remaining weeks of term are hurtling by at great speed, much faster I think, than either of us actually expected. Change is coming. BIG change. As a consequence there have been a few meltdowns and emotional outbursts of late, including one memorable day recently when H apparently told his teacher to “calm down and RELAX!” Shit is really starting to get real.

Strike a pose

The annual Year 6 disco was on last night and he was so excited. The Ninja Boy LOVES to dance. A new shirt was purchased especially for the occasion (from the Men’s section, God help me – an XS!!) and hair gel was applied. He was looking mighty sharp.

Watching my son having the time of his life with his mates was both wonderful and bittersweet. I couldn’t ignore a pang of sadness flickering ever-so-slightly in my heart. Because those fabulous boys, dancing with so much joy in front of me, had become so much more than simply classmates. They’d forged real friendships. Accepted each other for who and what they are. Made mistakes. Learned about life. Grown in mind and body. And they’d all done it together. 

It will be hard to leave that behind, yet we must. A new challenge awaits. Life marches on. The future is just waiting to be written.

And I know the Ninja Boy will be okay, despite the change. His charisma and personality will see to that. As well as his dancing skills. Man, that boy can dance!

So happy weekends, people. What are YOU up to? Any dancing happening in your social calendar?

6 responses to “Dance like there’s nobody watching…”

  1. Deb Avatar

    Love that he loves to dance!!!!

  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    He has great rhythm and a really good ear for music. His music therapy teacher once commented to me how good he was at the musical games they played. The best part though, is how much FUN he has whilst dancing. I love it 🙂

  3. Mumabulous Avatar

    He is quite the young man. His good friends will remain with him for life.

  4. Shambolic Living Avatar

    Love this post. Read it last week, but have trouble commenting on blogger posts from my Ipad. My daughter is in Year 6 too. It's such a bittersweet feeling isn't – they are taller, more independent, more vocal – yet there are moments when they are still your baby and just need a cuddle. It feels like such an end of an era to have no more children in Primary School next year.

  5. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Thanks, hon. I think his beautiful friendships will last too – they're truly special!

  6. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Yes, it IS an end of an era, isn't it? I still can't quite get my head around the fact that none of my boys will be in primary school next year, either. Is your daughter looking forward to high school?

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