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Heaven’s Game…

I’ve been watching a lot of this lately:
And this:
 And this:

These are pictures of Son #2 during various rugby games. We’ve been going to a lot of these over the past few weeks, mainly due to the rep rugby season running alongside club rugby season AND school rugby season. We’re talking a whole lotta rugby, people. And if that wasn’t enough did I also mention that I’m the manager for the rep rugby team as well? And we’ve got NSW State Champs in less than two weeks? Phew.

Consequently, we’re all about the Game They Play In Heaven in this house right now. You’ll find rugby gear hanging on the line at any given moment. But it’s been great. Apart from the fact that I’ve always loved watching my boy play the game we both adore, I’m conscious of the the life lessons he’s learning, the strength and resilience he’s gaining, not to mention the amazing friendships he (and I) have already made over the years. Rugby folk are some of the most gorgeous and generous people you’ll ever meet.

The other big plus about rugby (and sport) in general is its ability to provide a source of positivity and optimism, especially if things around you aren’t so good. For boys especially, I think this is really important. It’s a much needed outlet for all that physical energy they have in bucketloads, a place where they can satisfy the ‘risk factor’ requirement most instinctively want as well as giving them a platform to have a bit of good, clean fun with a few mates.

Son #2 has been friends with a lot of these boys in this picture for over 7 years. I’ve watched them grow up from little kindy kids to the deep-voiced almost-men of today.. and yet it blows me away that they’re just barely entering their mid teens. The strength of their friendship is a beautiful thing. I love this picture for so many reasons but that particular one makes me smile most of all.

Do your kids play sport? Are you a Sideline Parent most weekends like me?
All photos credited to D Goddard

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