Music for Monday…

(Yes, I know it’s Tuesday but I was as sick as a dog yesterday. Could not even type, let alone focus on the screen. Felt bloody awful actually.)

But what a difference 24 hours makes. Today I can actually stand up for more than two minutes without my legs becoming weak underneath me. I spent most of yesterday on the couch, feeling like death and alternately sneezing or blowing my nose. It took me about an hour to get showered and dressed and by then, I was exhausted. Sleep was about all I was good for. 
Luckily The Blokes Wot Live Here stepped up and organised dinner for themselves (i.e raided the freezer for pizza) and saved a couple of slices for me – not that I felt like eating anything. If there was ever any doubt that I wasn’t looking at my best, this was  immediately addressed by Son#2 who very  astutely observed, ‘God, Mum, you really look like crap.’ Why thank you, Captain Obvious. And pass me the box of tissues, would ya?
But now to the music – today’s little number is inspired by the events of the weekend, celebrating the joys of friendship and all its wonderful benefits – here’s a great little song by those clever boys from Flight of the Conchords – “Friends”.
Friends, la la la la… ping. LOL.

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